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CHOC Adventure in the Park 2022 Recap

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a woman standing in front of a backdrop with balloons.

It was an event 30 years in the making!

To celebrate the CHOC Walk in the Park 30th anniversary, a fundraiser party was held inside Disney California Adventure after the park closed to regular guests.

Hyperion theater at Disney California Adventure showing CHOC Adventure in the Park light gobo

This party – titled “CHOC Adventure in the Park” was open to participants who raised $250 or more for Childrens Hospital of Orange County.

While the official party started at 9pm and went until midnight, participants could enter Disney California Adventure as early as 5pm.

There were so many fun surprises all around the park! We had several photo ops, character meet and greets, a private showing of World of Color, and all attractions were practically a walk-on!

World of Color with rainbow water fountains

Thanks to my media status, I was able to enter the VIP area which was set up at Lamplight Lounge. I enjoyed appetizers, desserts, a glass of wine, and a beautiful view of Pixar Pier.

a table topped with yellow cake pops covered in frosting.

a teddy bear sitting on top of a vase filled with flowers.

a woman holding a glass of wine in front of a ferris wheel at Disney California Adventure

The Disney Junior building was transformed into a character meet and greet area. I got to meet Mushu, Rapunzel, Naveen, and Jasmine. I introduced them all to Choco Bear, the CHOC mascot!

Woman poses with Jasmine during Choc Adventure in the Park

Woman poses with Naveen during Choc Adventure in the Park

Woman poses with Rapunzel during Choc Adventure in the Park

Woman poses with Mushu during CHOC Adventure in the Park

I also was able to chat with Thor and Black Widow over at Avengers Campus.

Woman holds up CHOCO bear while meeting Thor and Black Widow at Avengers Campus


At the end of the night we got a rare surprise – Mickey and friends saying goodnight in their pajamas!

a group of mickey mouse and friends characters wearing pajamas

It has been a real honor to partner with CHOC Walk in the Park for the past few years and hopefully the early morning fundraiser walk will return in 2023!

Hand holds map for CHOC Adventure in the Park private party at Disney California Adventure

Carthay Circle Restaurant with CHOC Adventure in the Park light up sign

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