Vennesa and Jason’s FANTASMIC! Engagement Story

Venessa and Jason's FANTASMIC! Engagement Story

This post contains affiliate links. I can’t get enough of your Disney engagement stories! This one was a first for me. Vennesa and Jason got engaged during the newly returned Fantasmic! show at Disneyland. I love this show and what a perfect spot for some extra magic! Here’s the story as told by Vennesa: Jason … Read more

Real Disneyland Proposals – Krista and Michael

Whew, what a week, am I right?  Hopefully everyone had less of an eventful week than I did.  But I’m happy to say that, as of yesterday, I’m officially a homeowner and carrying massive debt.  Yay?!?  Homeownership is crazy, y’all.  And not for the faint of heart.  I’m really hoping it’s worth all the struggle … Read more

Real Disneyland Proposal – Brandi and Tivon

What, Mindy?!?  Are you really posting two Disneyland proposals within a week of each other?  Well, when you see these sweet photos, you’ll see why.  I came across these images taken by John Farrand and, honestly, who can resist a Prince Charming proposing marriage while riding a horse, right?  Oh, and Tivon hid the ring … Read more

Real Disneyland Proposal – Mandy and Russell

We have another wonderful and romantic Disneyland proposal to share with you today!  Mandy and Russell became engaged at one of the most romantic spots in Disneyland with the help of some sneaky family members and friends.  And their love story is really cute – read on! From Mandy: Our story started December 9, 2008 … Read more