Real Disneyland Engagement – Lacey and Paco

‘Tis the Season to propose marriage, so it’s Disneyland Engagements Week here at Budget Fairy Tale!  Who doesn’t love a Disneyland proposal (my own Disneyland proposal was pretty great), and we have five VERY different proposal stories to share with you this week!  

Today’s Real Disneyland Engagement comes to us from Lacey and Paco.  How cute is this couple?!?!?  I am DYING to know more about this amazing Hula dancer fascinator/hat (Lacey?!??!).

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Here is their Disneyland engagement story, as told by Lacey:

My fiancé, Paco, and I met 5 years ago this December. I was out at an 80’s dance night with a girlfriend and couldn’t help noticing the cute boy dancing behind us. We danced and talked throughout the night but never exchanged numbers. As I left I was struck by a strong feeling that he was going to be a very special person in my life. Following my intuition – the next day I tracked him down online and here we are 5 years later… in love and engaged!

I suppose we aren’t your typical Disney nerds. He is a horror movie buff, I am a burlesque dancer and we are both covered in tattoos… but we rediscovered our childhood love of Disney magic on our first trip to Walt Disney World with my family last winter. Paco grew up in Santa Cruz and San Francisco so he has fond memories of several trips to Disneyland. I grew up in Alaska, but my parents took our family on two very special Disneyland vacations. Being in WDW reawakened those special memories in both of us. We began planning a Halloween trip to our original love immediately when we got home. Paco knew that Disneyland would be the perfect special place to propose so he began making his secret plans, as I was busy booking our vacation.

He thought that I knew that he was up to something so he waited until the 3rd day of our trip to propose in order to make me sweat. He spent the first two days scoping out the perfect secluded place to pop the question and I spent them enjoying the park and not sweating at all!

Photo by Disney Photo Pass Photographer

The day started out perfectly. We had Mickey waffles at the Carnation Café and got right on to one of our favorite rides –Haunted Mansion Holiday. Paco suggested we go on The Mark Twain Riverboat next and we walked on just as it was taking off. It was still early so we had the whole 2nd deck of the boat to ourselves. I was busy taking it all in and Paco asked if he should take some photos. He was missing some exciting things as he was digging in our bags for the camera so I kept pestering him to look here and look there. I couldn’t figure out what was taking him so long until I looked down and was shocked to see him on one knee with a gorgeous pink sapphire ring. It was a total surprise and so perfect! We just hugged and smiled (and I cried… a lot) for the rest of the boat ride. (Ed. note – Pink sapphire engagement rings FTW.)

I was SO excited that I wanted to shout it from the rooftops afterwards so I made it my mission to find us some “Just Engaged” buttons. Of course nobody had them so we decided to get some custom “Just Engaged” mouse ears instead. We later found the buttons at the Disneyland Hotel, but the ears turned out to be a very special and unique keepsake for us.

Photo by Disney Photo Pass Photographer

I couldn’t ever have dreamed of a more perfect proposal. Being in one of my favorite places with my best friend and love of my life was incredible already. Paco turned it in to a dream come true! Every time we go back to the park we’ll take a special romantic trip on the Mark Twain Riverboat.


Thank you for submitting your Disneyland Engagement story, Lacey!  If you wanted to send me a close-up picture of that pink sapphire engagement ring so I can add it to this post, I wouldn’t hate that. 😉

Edited to add: ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE!  Thanks Lacey!!!

Pink Engagement Ring Gorgeousness


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