10 Budget Tips From a Real Disneyland Bride

10 Budget Tips From a Real Disneyland Bride

Today we have a guest post from Hope, who got married to her lovely husband Mike in August 2010 at the Disneyland Hotel.  Hope comes bearing some really great budget advice for all you Disneyland Brides out there (myself included!), so prepare to take some notes and learn from someone who has “been there, done … Read more

Hindsight is Magical: The Best Advice from Past Disneyland Brides

(Photos by Root Photography) You know that old saying “hindsight is 20/20?” Well, it’s especially true for planning your wedding. And even though Disneyland weddings are the most beautiful, magical, and special weddings on earth, no wedding is perfect. And no human is perfect. There are bound to be mistakes and regrets once your event … Read more

How to Decide on a Wedding Budget

  Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now let’s talk about your wedding budget. Yes, I said the dreaded “B” word. Determining your budget is honestly the first thing you need to do when wedding planning.  Your budget will dictate pretty much everything that follows …. your venue, where you buy your gown, whether you serve pasta or … Read more