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How to Make a Baby Yoda Martini

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It’s Baby Yoda‘s world, and we only live in it. With the popularity of The Child on The Mandalorian on Disney+, it didn’t take long for this pint size smooshy peanut to be re-created as a cocktail … a “yodatini” if you will. Or perhaps I should say, “Grogutini?”

Baby Yoda Cocktail with martini shaker

I first saw the inspiration for the Baby Yoda martini on Twitter, and traced it back to user grayspriral on Reddit. I loved it and wanted to recreate it at home, but gotta give credit where it’s due! Thanks for the inspo, u/grayspriral!

Baby Yoda Cocktail with green background

However, I didn’t love the recipe he used so I set out to make my own; something a little simpler.

My favorite green drink is a margarita, and I thought a basic margarita recipe with a little Midori added would not only be delicious, but make the best shade of green!

I also could not easily locate dark cherries, and at the risk of turning Baby Yoda into a baby Sith, black olives substituted nicely in a pinch.

Now, if you’re thinking olives and margaritas sound disgusting together, YOU’RE RIGHT. After you’ve taken your photos for Instagram, take them out and add them to your nachos.

trio of baby Yoda cocktails with green and gold background

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Baby Yoda Cocktail

Makes 1 serving

1 ounce tequila
1 ounce Midori
3 ounces limeade
2 lime wedges
2 black olives (medium size, pitted)

Add tequila, Midori, and limeade to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake well. Pour into glass. Place the lime wedges on the sides of the glass for Yoda’s ears.

Using two large toothpicks, attach one olive to the end of each toothpick and balance them against the glass to create Yoda’s eyes.

Baby Yoda Cocktail close up

To make his little jacket, wrap a napkin around the stem of the glass and tie with some twine or string. (Tip – Those brown napkins from Starbucks you’ve been hoarding in your car’s center console do nicely!)

And if you need glasses, I recommend coup martini glasses, like these on Amazon. (Different from the glasses pictured, but seem similar.)

Drink this, you must. Enjoy it, you will. May the Force be with you.

Baby Yoda Cocktail with text "Baby Yoda Cocktail Recipe"

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