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21 Royal – Potential Disneyland Wedding Alternative?

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21 Royal - Potential Disneyland Wedding Alternative?
Image source: LA Times; Image credit: Walt Disney Co
Have you heard about 21 Royal?

21 Royal is a new dining experience at Disneyland that is very exclusive and comes at a very high price tag. It’s likely something that many of us will never get to experience in our lifetimes.

From the official website:

“Imagine hosting an extraordinary dinner party in the heart of Disneyland Park, in a private residence once envisioned by Walt and Lillian Disney as a secluded family retreat and a luxurious oasis in which to host celebrities and dignitaries.
Some five decades later, the Disneys’ vision has been realized in this one-of-a-kind and truly unforgettable exclusive dining experience.”

21 Royal is part of the Dream Suite in New Orleans Square, above Pirates of the Caribbean. The apartment was originally intended for Walt and his family but he passed before it was completed. While some lucky few have stayed overnight in the Dream Suite, it is usually reserved for celebrities and dignitaries, as the website description notes. Now anyone can experience the beautiful Dream Suite and 21 Royal dining room, if your pockets are deep enough.

21 Royal - Potential Disneyland Wedding Alternative?
Image credit: Walt Disney Co
Again, from the official website:

On the evening of your 21 Royal experience, your guests will arrive at the majestic Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, where they will be greeted by the hotel’s valets. Once your entire party has assembled, they will be given a VIP escort to the site of the evening’s festivities.
Legendary Disney service is on display from the moment your guests are welcomed by the 21 Royal staff. First, signature cocktails are served by professional butlers in the salon, then everyone is invited out to the patio for a casual reception. You and your guests will also have time to explore the different rooms—and discover some of their more magical features.

Then it’s time for dinner. You and your guests take your seats around a lavish table covered in white linens, fresh flowers and set with gold-plated dinnerware and fine crystal. This is when the evening’s adventure really begins—as a fascinating tale unfolds told through fine food and drink, making for a unique and truly magical fine dining experience.

In true Disney fashion, you can end your evening with a grand finale—dessert on the private balcony, where you and your guests are treated to a spectacular view of the Rivers of America, and on certain nights, prime viewing of the park’s nighttime entertainment.”

21 Royal - Potential Disneyland Wedding Alternative?
Image credit: Walt Disney Co
So the question is, how much does this magical, exclusive experience cost? According to this LA Times article, the fee is $15,000 for a seven-course meal for up to 12 people. (Doing the math for you, that’s $1250 per person.)

If you’re familiar with Disneyland weddings, the price may sound familiar – $15,000 was the same cost as the “In-Park Escape” wedding package which is no longer being offered. Which begs the question …

Could “21 Royal” be a Disneyland wedding alternative?

For a couple looking for the ultimate elopement, this could be worth the splurge. However, keep in mind there is no ceremony included so you would have to be legally married at another time. This would simply act as a very fancy dinner reception.

It also remains to be seen if Disney would allow wedding attire at 21 Royal, seeing as how it sounds like guests are escorted through Disneyland and we know wedding gowns are not allowed inside Disneyland during normal operating hours.

Formalities aside, if you are okay with having a non-traditional wedding reception and have the funds, this could be a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding if you’re looking to do something unique.

For more information about 21 Royal, please visit their website or contact the 21 Royal Concierge at (714) 300-7749.

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