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What I Learned from Reading my Aura Colors

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What I Learned from Reading my Aura Colors

I first learned about Radiant Human and their aura photography a couple years ago when I was just getting back into doing yoga regularly and tuning in with my spiritual self. When I was 18 I worked with someone who was very into Buddist principles, and while I was full-on rebelling against religion of every kind back then, I was always intrigued at the philosphy of mindfulness and enlightenment and the path to true happiness, especially as someone who experiences an intense amount of anxiety. Since then I’ve lost my way a little bit, but recently I’ve become commited to getting back in tune with my body and spirit. I even picked up meditation for a bit (it didn’t stick but I’m gonna get back into it, I swear). This is why the aura reading has intrigued me for so long; I was super curious how my aura colors would turn out and what I could learn about myself.

The aura is an energy that radiates from the body of a living creature. We all have an energy about us that is unseen by the human eye. The camera for aura photography utilizes electromagnetic hand sensors connected to the camera. You place your palms on top of the sensors which translate your vibrational frequency (aka your aura) into colors, which is superimposed onto your polaroid picture. The bottom line is that it looks really friggin’ cool. And it’s fun in a mystery-egg-from-the-grocery-store-vending-machine kind of way because you don’t know what colors you’ll get.

Radiant Human’s homebase is in Portland but they travel around the US with their camera and “dome” for pop ups. I had missed them the last couple times they came to LA so when I saw on Instagram they were coming back in November, I snagged a ticket a couple weeks in advance. Everything about taking the photo is super casual. Christina, owner and photographer, explained how I needed to sit and have my hands, and even helped pose me. You sit as still as possible for about 10 seconds while the camera and machine do their thing, and then you’re led out of the dome to wait for the Polaroid to develop.

What I Learned from Reading my Aura Colors

As I waited for my photo to develop, I was handed a color deciphering chart. Basically the colors match up to the chakras, which are energy points in our body. Each chakra is assigned a color on the spectrum, from the red root chakra to the purple crown chakra.

When my photo was revealed, I saw red. Lots of red. I didn’t even notice the little bit of purple down in the corner until it was pointed out to me during the reading.

So what does it all mean? Everything above the head is your consciousness. The lower left is internal energy – what you take in. The lower right is external energy – what you put out.

What I Learned from Reading my Aura Colors

The purple in the lower left indicates I’m unconventional, nonjudgmental, and playful … at least on the inside. I was told the purple could indicate I’m a bit fatigued and need more self care, which is probably true. The red in the lower right corner indicates leadership and action. I’m perceived as a leader. The red above my head means I’m passionate, strong willed, and practical. I’m grounded and ambitious. Since the red represents my root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine, it also indicates I’m at a period of rebirth. My aura is very close to me, which means I’m a little guarded and introverted. My analysis was pretty spot-on. It showed some of my classic Virgo traits and areas where I can I can improve. The reading went by so quick; I wish I could have recorded it to remember everything. I’m hoping to have my photo done again in a couple years to see how my aura energy changes (or doesn’t change) over time.

If you want to get your own aura photograph, check out the Radiant Human tour page, or follow their Instagram @radianthuman_. They are based in Portland but travel all around the US. I highly recommend it!

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