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Vermont Wedding Weekend – Part 1 {The Bed and Breakfast}

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I wanted to start my Vermont wedding weekend recap much sooner, but between work, unpacking, and several hours of TiVo to catch up on, I’m just starting now! I have tons of pictures that I want to share so I will be splitting the weekend up into 2 or more posts. First up is the drive from Boston to Pittsfield, Vermont, and pictures of our beautiful Bed and Breakfast where we stayed for the weekend.

We took the red eye from Los Angeles and landed in Boston on Friday morning at around 8am. Tim’s parents were there to great us and drive us to Tim’s sister’s house, with the obligatory stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way. At FSIL’s house, we were able to shower and clean up before starting the 4 hour car ride to Pittsfield, the wedding venue. We also got to spend a little quality time with our 3 month old niece, which is always fun!

The drive to Vermont was beautiful, with the leaves changing color.


When we got closer to our destination, we stopped at a really cute diner for lunch. The sign on the wall said all their food and ingredients comes from local farms in Vermont. I was itching to try some real Vermont maple syrup! Even though it was lunchtime, I ordered the French toast with lemon yogurt and blueberries. It sounded really interesting, and I figured I would either really love it or it would taste awful. Well, I LOVED IT. Words really cannot describe how delicious this dish was. The sour yogurt matched perfectly with the sweet syrup. Mmmmmmm, I wish I was having some right now.





After eating we did some souvenir shopping at the general store, where I resisted the temptation to buy this pink sheep hat:


I had seen online about the damage hurricane Irene had done to this area of Vermont, but I wasn’t really prepared for the devastation I would see as we continued our drive to Pittsfield. Hundreds of trees uprooted, roads flooded, covered bridges wiped out, and homes and businesses completely destroyed.

This used to be a road.


These are the swept-away remains of a covered bridge.  We saw its foundation about a mile up the road.

Luckily the wedding area wasn’t affected too terribly. The actual wedding venue lost a covered bridge and had some damage to the road but overall was still beautiful. Our Bed and Breakfast was approximately a half mile up the road and elevated, so there was no noticeable damage.

We stayed at the beautiful Amee Farm. The building was rustic and seemingly quaint from the outside, but inside this place was HUGE and had been recently remodeled to include a lot of modern amenities.


This was like no hotel I have ever stayed at before. We were immediately greeted by geese and cows.  I usually don’t see cows grazing outside my hotel so I was quite fascinated.

These suckers run FAST.


Me with some geese and some cows.  That is a genuine smile, people.





This cow’s all like, “What, you’ve never seen a cow outside your hotel before?”




This little brook was right outside our window; it was quite soothing, especially waking up with a hangover Sunday morning, but that’s for a later post. 

After exploring the grounds, we got cleaned up and took a short drive to the wedding venue for the Welcome Dinner – which I will post about in Part 2!

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