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Vermont Wedding Weekend – Part 2 {The Welcome Dinner}

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After cleaning up at the hotel, we made the short drive over to the wedding venue for the rehearsal dinner.  This was our first glimpse at the venue and it was so pretty!  There were candles and sunflowers (the bride’s favorite flower) everywhere, giving the room a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Our meal was delicious, as were all of the catered meals during the weekend.  I wish I had taken note of the name of the catering company, but every time I see people catering an event I get distracted thinking about “Party Down” and how it was unjustly cancelled too soon.  But I digress.  (My only minor food complaint the whole weekend – no White Zin!)

Delicious salad

Delicious half-eaten gnocchi

Delicious chicken

After dinner we headed upstairs for more drinks and conversation, and also dessert which was …. SMORES.  All the smores ingredients were provided inside and there was a big firepit outside to roast the marshmallows.  It was so exciting!  So exciting I completely forgot to take pictures of any of it!  The professional photographer managed to snap this pic of Tim and I standing by the fire, but this is all I have to remind me of the smore awesomeness.  Sadface.

Photo by www.croninhillphotography.net

They also had this fun bean bag game, which I actually have been really wanting for our own wedding, but I can’t think of a good place for it.  Tim and I played a few games and I thought it was a really fun addition to the party.

Here’s a picture of the outdoor space during the day, with the firepit and seating on the right and the bean bag game on the left.

Photo by www.croninhillphotography.net

We had a great evening of food, drink, and conversation and it was so nice to see all of Tim’s relatives again. We didn’t stay to terribly late because we had a long day and were anxious to get back to the hotel and rest up for the main event tomorrow!

Next up: Wedding day!

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