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Vermont Wedding Weekend – Part 3 {The Wedding!}

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We woke up Saturday morning to doom and gloom … it was raining and unfortunately didn’t let up all day.  We spent a lazy morning lounging around the hotel and visiting with relatives and new friends, and when there was a break in the rain we took a walk to the General Store for lunch.  Pretty soon it was time to get gussied up and head to the venue for the 3:00pm ceremony.

Unfortunately the rain forced the ceremony to be held indoors in the barn where we had the rehearsal dinner the night before.  I never had a chance to see what the Plan A outdoor ceremony would look like, but the indoor venue was beautiful, with more sunflowers and candles everywhere, even in the rafters!




I was in the back so I didn’t get to take many pictures of the actual ceremony (which lasted about 10 minutes – PERFECT).  Here’s the best pic I got:

I know pronounce you Blurry and Mrs. Blurry, you may kiss the blurry.

After the quick ceremony, we were taken by bus up the road to the tent where cocktail hour was being held. At this point it was pouring, and chilly, so as we waited for the bus I made friends with this old timey heater.

BFFs, fo’ eva.


The cocktail hour took place in a tent, with a full bar (ahem, except for the Zin) and a cheese display (Vermont cheese is AWESOME.)
There were also more sunflowers everywhere, and with a 2 and a half hour cocktail “hour,” someone got a little restless and started playing around with camera settings.


Dinner was a short walk to an adjacent barn.  We found our way with these cute escort cards.
The barn was beautifully decorated similarly to the ceremony site.



I tried to get a shot of the first dance but again, my camera wasn’t quite cooperating with the light.
I did ask the bride if I could take a picture of her gorgeous hair-do, and she obliged.
Soon the amazing dinner was served.  Tim got the steak and I got the chicken, but we shared so I got a taste of each.  They were both delicious.  Seriously, if I was on Four Weddings the food scored a solid 10/10.



After some toasts and dancing, it was time for dessert!  The bride and groom opted for an ice cream sundae bar instead of the traditional cake.  They offered Ben and Jerry’s – originated in Vermont – and it was really fun and yummy.  Once again, I didn’t think to take pictures (do you see a pattern here regarding me and desserts???)
After dessert and a final dance, we headed out, but not before stopping at the photo booth:
We made our way back to the hotel and changed clothes for the after party, which was an informal gathering held at a bar down the road.  I didn’t take any pictures here, but we had a really great time and I had a chance to talk to the bride, who gave me some great wedding advice: 1) Etsy, Etsy, Etsy, and 2) Make sure we spend at least 10 minutes together by ourselves after the ceremony.
Our brief weekend in Vermont had come and gone, but I’m so grateful to the bride and groom for including us in their wedding weekend and giving me the opportunity to see this beautiful part of the country.  Congrats Jessica and Jamie!
Photo by www.croninhillphotography.net
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