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Our Wedding Trip Report Day 3, Part 4: Wedding Day, The Signing.  Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

During our rehearsal the day before, we had spoke with our coordinator Julie about having a few minutes to ourselves after the ceremony.  She pointed out a couple chairs near the Frontier Tower that were kind of hidden.  So after the ceremony, when we got to the end of the aisle, Julie said she would keep everyone at bay while we had our few moments to decompress.

(All photos by Root Photography)

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}
Julie doing her job – and I believe the dads are giving her a round of applause.  And look –  a brief appearance by our ribbon wands that 80% of our guests generally ignored.

So Mr. BFT and I went to our chairs, which wasn’t ideal because they were two separate chairs with a little table in between.  So I tried sitting on his lap but that wasn’t very comfortable either.  So we just kinda sat in our chairs and stared at each other for a while.  I think I mentioned that I was already exhausted.  And probably some romantic mushy stuff was said, too.

After about five minutes Julie came over and *I think* she asked if we were ready to go back to the Rose Garden and get our license sorted and basically get moving along.  We walked back to the Rose Garden with Julie and pretty much everyone except our immediate families and our officiant were already on their way to Pre-Reception.  Our license was waiting for us on the table at the gazebo and needed to be signed by our officiant and a witness.  Mr. BFT and I didn’t have to sign it because we signed it at the courthouse, but I wanted to pictures of us “signing the license” with our Disney pens so we faked it!

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}
Then our officiant filled out his portion.

We then asked who wanted to be our witness.  I think my mom offered to be a witness.  So since there was room for two witnesses, we asked Mr. BFT’s mom if she would also like to be a witness.  I think they were happy to do it!

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

Here’s me checking and double-checking that everything is filled out correctly.  (It’s not that difficult, but remember I had a major case of bride brain.)

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

And then we both licked the envelope.  I’m deliriously laughing at our disgusting we are.

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

One thing we didn’t do pre-ceremony was take an ENTIRE family picture, so we did it here!

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

Then we got a shot with our great officiant, Rich, who is one of Mr. BFT’s oldest friends.

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

I love this shot of my grandmothers.  Confession time: We kept forcing my grandmothers to be certain places for photos.  They were there for the pre-ceremony photos, then we asked them to stick around after the ceremony for pictures, AND THEN WE ALWAYS FORGOT TO INCLUDE THEM IN THE PICTURES.  Ugh.  I feel like I should forgive myself since I was trying to orchestrate an ENTIRE WEDDING but it seems cruel to wheel around two women in their 90’s all around the hotel for no reason. And I didn’t even realize it until days later.  They were total troopers and I feel so blessed that they were there with us.

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

So after our pictures, we hopped a ride in a golf cart and were escorted across the street to the Grand Californian Hotel!

Disneyland Wedding {Root Photography}

Next up: Previewing the Reception space and mingling at Pre-Reception!  (Seriously, how long can I drag this day out???)

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