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Disneyland Honeymoon Shoot – Jess and Matt

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I’m a sucker for a good love story, and this is a good one!  You know how everyone has a friend of a cousin who found and married their long lost high school love after reconnecting on Facebook or MySpace?  Well, Matt and Jess are those friends!  Dig their adorable love story as told by Jess:

Matt and I met in high school our senior year doing theater together.  We became fast friends and even went to prom together (not quite as just friends though – lol).  We definitely had a connection but were going to different colleges so we parted ways on great terms.  We kept in touch throughout the years (10 of them!) and finally reconnected Spring of 2010 via Facebook.  We quickly started dating and after eight months got engaged!  Matt is amazing- standing by me during tough medical times and treating my two children as his own.  Because of the kids, Matt and I decided a quiet private wedding was just what we needed (since it’s never been just the two of us), so we decided to elope to Hawaii!  We got married March 27, 2012.

We are huge Disney fans and go to the parks every year (or a Disney cruise) with the kids so we knew we wanted a big family honeymoon after our wedding in Hawaii.  We decided on four days in Disneyland and a Disney Wonder cruise as a family.  Matt and I really wanted a cute way to document our honeymoon and get some pictures of us in the parks – we are always taking pictures of the kids and don’t have any of us!  I came across a blog post that featured Sarina Love Photography in the Fall and knew instantly she could give us exactly the type of photos that we wanted!

I booked her right away and then over the last eight months got to know her a little by being Facebook friends with her, chatting with her here and there, and watching her on the Food Network!  When it came time to do our shoot it was totally comfortable and we had such a great time.  She has such a great way of making people feel at ease, working fast (which I LOVE) and getting exactly what the client is asking for.  I even had a prop she was a little perplexed what to do with (our Mickey ears with our wedding date that I wanted a photo of, but not wearing the ears).  She figured out a cute way to do the shot without much time to think about it.  Sarina is awesome all around!

Our honeymoon in Disneyland with the kids was great, as was the cruise, but we are so glad we took a couple hours out of our crazy day to get these photos done!  Hopefully we will be back in CA soon and we can do a family shoot with her now that we are all one big family!

Photos by: Sarina Love Photography

Congrats Jess and Matt!

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