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Tina Fey Knows I Exist

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(March 25, 2016): Emmy, Golden Globe, SAG and People’s Choice award-winner Tina Fey poses with Disney's original mean girls, Cinderella’s wicked stepmother and stepsisters, March 25, 2016 at Magic Kingdom Park in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Fey vacationed at Walt Disney World while on break from working on the musical adaptation of the 2004 hit film, “Mean Girls.” (David Roark, photographer)
“Tina Fey, she loves Disney just like us!” (DAVID ROARK/DISNEY)

Out of all the silly things I’ve written about on this blog, this will probably be the one that embarrasses my husband the most. More than the time I wrote a sponsored post about birth control (gotta pay the bills) or the time I called him out for looking bored during our honeymoon photo shoot. But, hey … Tina Fey knows I exist and what am I expected to do – NOT talk about that?

Tina Fey is my favorite person on the planet, which is probably the most basic thing I’ve ever written. Because she’s every woman’s favorite person on the planet. She’s an incredible role model, especially for a “professional” writer such as myself. An award winning actress and improviser, first female head writer of SNL, beautiful BUT ALSO relatable (remember when she showed her Spanx on Letterman?). By bringing the character of Liz Lemon to life, she brought hope to socially awkward women everywhere. She’s flawless when hosting awards shows AND while promoting American Express. I mean, honestly … is there anything she can’t do? Don’t even try to answer this rhetorical question because the answer is no, of course not. She’s flawless.

My husband works in television and it has come to be expected that we become friends with other people who work in television. And sometimes you attend the weddings of those friends and sometimes your celebrity heroes also attend those weddings, which is what happened last weekend. Tim and I were in New York City to attend the wedding of two of his friends – both comedy television writers. At the beginning of the reception, I was returning to where Tim was standing while carrying two glasses of Bellinis which a very nice man handed to me as I was scoping out the pre-reception hand tossed pasta bar. I never made it back to that pasta bar, though, because I discovered they were passing around deep fried risotto balls and I ate about 20 of them. Anyway, back to me double-fisting my Bellinis and trying to weave my way through the crowds, when the following series of events happen:

Me, while focusing on not spilling Prosecco on my rented Badgley Mischka gown, hears someone say “Be careful, there’s a lady behind you with drinks.”

That person moves to reveal the person who said these words was Tina Fey.

I immediately look away and make a weird face because that’s what I do in surprising situations.

I make my way back to Tim and immediately say “Tina Fey saw me” and stare at him intensely because in my head I’m screaming “TINA FEY SAW ME” over and over again.

I then down my entire Bellini because I’m nervous and don’t know what else to do.

Tim pretends like he doesn’t know me. This happens a lot, like the time I wouldn’t stop hugging Baymax at the Disneyland meet and greet and Cast Members had to pull me away. But in my defense, Baymax gives THE BEST hugs.

I spend the rest of the night trying to be cool but in reality I want to grab everyone I see and say to them, “Tina Fey saw me, and she called me a lady!!!! ME!!!!!”

As amazing (and incredibly silly) as this moment was, the evening only became more and more magical. We watched our friends dance for the first time as a married couple, we ate delicious food and cake and even mini ice cream cones, and we danced, danced, danced. It was a beautiful evening full of love, happiness, and – when you’re sitting at a table full of comedy writers – lots and lots of laughter.

It’s a little strange and jarring but also relieving when you see your heroes and realize they are regular people. Like when I went to Camp Mighty and met Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) and we talked about how we both hid in the bathroom during the previous night’s party. Interacting with people you have long-time admired from afar makes you realize maybe you’re not so different. On my Facebook page, I like to post links to those creepy paparazzi articles showing celebrities at Disneyland with my added hacky caption, “Celebrities, they are just like us! They love Dole Whips and sparkly Mickey ears!” But the truth is ALL OF US are extraordinary people doing ordinary things. Like taking their kids to Disneyland and riding the teacups, or dressing up and standing in line to sign the guestbook at a wedding. But the bottom line is, no matter who we are, where we are from, or what we have accomplished, we should all be looking out for one another, to ensure someone doesn’t accidentally spill a cocktail on their rented sequin gown.

I woke up this morning with a new found energy. Maybe it’s because Tina Fey knows I exist, or maybe it’s because I took a little vacation and didn’t think about work too much. Or maybe it’s the universe giving me a gentle reminder that I just need to work hard, do my own thing, and not worry about who knows me or doesn’t know me. But it’s most likely because of Tina.

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