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Why We Chose a STAR WARS Wedding Theme

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Why We Chose a STAR WARS Wedding Theme

Disney Bride Alexis is planning a Disneyland wedding at the Rose Court Garden and Sleeping Beauty Pavilion for October 2017.

I cannot say people were too surprised about Garrett and I having our wedding at Disneyland, but some people did question us about how we were going to make our special day not seem like a child’s birthday party.

At first, we wanted a lot of different Disney elements in our wedding. Hints of Haunted Mansion (since we got engaged there), Disney couples, incorporating the different lands into our centerpieces … it started to get too clustered too quick. We needed to narrow it down.

Even though we sent out our Save the Date cards before we officially picked a theme they ended up being adorable and working out perfectly (and we were even able to incorporate the Haunted Mansion!).

Our final decision in a theme? “I love you, I know”, and in case you don’t know … STAR WARS!!

Why We Chose a STAR WARS Wedding Theme

Star Wars is a huge part of my life; I grew up with it. So I was very excited when I first discovered Garrett grew up with it, too. Since wedding planning started, I knew I wanted to incorporate at least one thing Star Wars but was scared it wouldn’t go with whatever theme we chose. Looking at some other Star Wars weddings, I was scared it might be a little much for some people. But you know what? It’s our day, so it should be what makes us happy, right? I have had friends tell me that, ’til this day, they regret not adding a certain element to their wedding that they wanted and I definitely do not want to feel like that when everything is said and done.

Since we have decided on and are happy with our theme, it was now time to figure out how we wanted to incorporate it! Like I said, subtle Star Wars or “I love you, I know” hints. Our wedding cake is the classic “Mickey stamp cake” but I found a Star Wars topper I fell in love with from the moment I saw it (I am also adding a little special Star Wars surprise to the cake, but I cannot talk about it yet). I mentioned I was previously a Cast Member before but I don’t think I ever told you where. Well, I was one of the bakers at the Disneyland Central Bakery! I know firsthand how expensive those cakes can be and though they are always beautiful, tasty, and elegant, they are not always in everyone’s budget. I know the “Mickey stamp cake” is simple, beautiful, and, with the right topper, it is very cost effective and can fit your theme perfectly! Win!

Why We Chose a STAR WARS Wedding Theme

We are using Disney Floral for part of our centerpieces but I am also making small terrariums that have Star Wars characters inside. The characters are going to act as the table names so guests know where to find their seats. I was thrilled to know this was an option! It saved us a little money without sacrificing the flowers.

Why We Chose a STAR WARS Wedding Theme

Luckily we were able to find (and create) subtle little Star Wars items that not only fit our theme perfectly but were within our budget AND are extra special because we had our hands in creating some of it. We still have six months to go so we are nowhere near done getting our final decorations together.

One thing I will always tell people now is that DIY projects can not only help keep the cost of your Disney wedding down, but they can also help your theme come to life!

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