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Pro Wedding Pics – Sneak Peek!

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Wheeee!  Last week our amazing photographers, Root Photography, posted a few sneak peeks of our wedding photos.  Rather than simply share them, I thought I’d add some thoughts and notes about the pictures and maybe what was going through my mind at the time (or what was left of my mind).

Our headboard at the Disneyland Hotel.  It has fiber-optic fireworks on it.  It may have been a huge factor in our choosing which hotel to stay at for our wedding weekend. Okay – my choosing. My DIY hanger and thrift shop dress look fabulous against that headboard.

I hate to admit it, but in this photo I was thinking, “I wish I had bridesmaids to help me with my shoes (and jewelry, and veil).”  But I’ve always been a bit of a loner – a do-it-yourself kind of lady – and this photo reflects that and in a strange way, reminds me of how strong I am.  Also, I’m really glad I thought to make the bed!

Our first look.  We did a reverse first look, where he came up behind me. I loved turning around and seeing him in his suit, and his vest, and his DIY bout.  It was a great moment that went by way too fast.  Oh, and then I accidentally got a lipstick stain on his jacket IMMEDIATELY and couldn’t stop obsessing about it the rest of the day.

I love this shot of us on the gazebo.  I love that I can pick out the heads of our friends and family in attendance, I love how everyone is focused on us, and I love that we can see our videographer friendors.  I went back and forth with spending money on the floral and decor for the gazebo and looking at this picture I’m so happy we did.

CONFESSION TIME:  We chose to have our reception at Disney’s Grand Californian so we could have our pre-reception under the Monorail at the Brisa Courtyard.

First off, how handsome is my husband?  Our goal was to do our first look very early so we had plenty of time for pictures before the ceremony, because we wanted to attend our pre-reception and mingle with our guests. Well, we ended up running very late and didn’t have much time to take couples pictures before the ceremony, so we did a few at the Brisa Courtyard during pre-reception and I’m really happy that we did.  It is such a beautiful setting.

Our grand entrance into the reception.  We entered to the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson theme, a song that always makes me happy and reflects our absurd love of television.

Our first dance.  Yes, we dance like awkward junior high students.  Neither of us are big dancers and we are too lazy/busy to try to learn something like a waltz or a choreographed number.  So we didn’t practice at all, we just did whatever came naturally.  I think it worked.

(Thank you so much Nate and Jensey – Root Photography!)

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