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Hello everyone!  Today we have another super fab DIY project from real Disney bride Jill! These Mickey Fans are perfect for a summer outdoor wedding AND they could double as programs.  I love dual purpose wedding crafts.

I started by using a blank Mickey head JPEG.  I opened it in a paint program (like MS Paint, or a photo editing program should work too) and added our names in Baroque script.  Then I added in Mickey heads and shrunk them down really small and added them to our names to make “hidden” Mickeys (explained further in this tutorial).  This became the front of the fan.  I copied and pasted the stretched Mickey head – – very important to make sure they are the exact same size – – into another file and added a Bible verse on love.  This became the back of the fan.  I printed one side of each onto a heavyweight paper and then carefully cut each side out.  Of course if you have a Cricut you can just buy the Disney disc and skip over this part.

After cutting them out I lined the back and front up perfectly and secured them together using Zots glue dots.  I put one in the middle of each ear.  Then I added a stick (I used Woodsies) to each fan and secured it on both sides with more Zots glue dots.  Then I used a photo quality gel glue pen and put a light layer of glue on the edges of the mickey head and pressed the front and back together.  I let it dry overnight.  The next day I used 5/8″ ribbon to wrap the handles.  I used Zots glue dots for this too.  I put three dots on the back side of the stick and wrapped the ribbon at an angle all the way down to just before the bottom.  I pressed the ribbon into the glue dot and added a little of the gel glue to secure it at the bottom.

Then, using my Mickey head hole punch and some sparkley paper, I punched out some Mickey heads and glued them to the bottom of each fan.  This helped to cover up the messy seam left where the ribbon ended.  Finally, I added a bow tie cut out to some and a hair bow to others.  It was labor intensive but so much fun for a Disney wedding!

How much do you love Jill’s Mickey fans?  Wouldn’t they make the cutest programs?

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