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Our Engagement Story and Why I Love My Non-Traditional Wedding Ring

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Our Engagement Story and Why I Love My Non-Traditional Wedding Ring

Can you believe that in six years of this blog I’ve never written about the night we got engaged? I’ve featured dozens of other Disneyland proposal stories but have never shared ours. It was supposed to be one of the first posts but as usual I got super distracted by other shiny wedding projects and never did it! Better late than never, I suppose!

Tim proposed marriage in November 2010 and I was NOT expecting it at all. We had been dating for five years and I assumed he was never going to do it. I had actually started planning my own proposal, which would take place during a vacation the following spring. But he beat me to it!

We had plans to go to Disneyland the Sunday after Thanksgiving to see the holiday decor and fireworks show. We had a really busy December with my school finals, Tim working, and traveling for the holidays. Waking up that morning I felt stressed out with studying and didn’t really want to go to Disneyland. In hindsight this should have been a red flag but Tim talked me into going, saying it was our only chance to see the holiday stuff. So I agreed.

We had a nice day. I remember it being very chilly at night, and windy. We found a place in front of the castle for the fireworks but before the show they started up with the dreaded announcements – “Due to high winds above Magic Kingdom, tonight’s fireworks show may be canceled.” Tim started to panic; he seemed really invested in these fireworks happening (red flag #2). But he calmed down when I told him the snow would still fall even if the fireworks were canceled.

It was so windy and I could already tell (from years of experience) that the fireworks would be canceled that night, so I suggested to Tim we go back towards the train station and watch the snow from there, so we could make an easy exit and beat the crowds. Not wanting to blow his cover, he agreed. We ended up finding a bench near the flagpole. Sure enough, the fireworks were canceled and the music cuing the snow started. I was so excited – I love the holiday snowfall! It’s so magical. 

As the snow started falling all around us, Tim kept trying to talk to me. He was telling me how much he loved being with me and how happy he has been since he met me. I was like, uh huh, okay … I wanted to enjoy the snow! Then he got down on one knee and held out a ring and I have NO IDEA what happened next because I BLACKED OUT.

YEP, I was so shocked I blacked out and don’t remember much of the proposal at all! 

Next thing I remember we were hugging and I was holding the ring. I took off my mittens and asked him to place it on me. It was then I noticed he gave me a pink rhinestone Mickey ring. He kept saying it was a temporary ring and I could pick out my real ring and I kept saying, “I don’t care! I don’t care! I love it, it’s perfect!”

Our Engagement Story and Why I Love My Non-Traditional Wedding Ring

We were right near City Hall so we ran over there and asked for Just Engaged buttons (which sadly they don’t have any longer). The Cast Members congratulated us and also gifted us a free PhotoPass image. We went to the castle for a commemorative photo, even though I looked like a hot mess. When I was at the photo shop getting the image printed, the Cast Member asked if he had proposed during the snow, and I said yes. She said, “I’ve always thought that would be the most romantic way to propose.” And I said, “ME TOO!” 

Tim did good. The Disneyland snow, the holiday season, the pink Mickey ring … it was all good. Well, what I can remember.

A couple weeks later we started talking about my “real” ring. I didn’t know what style I wanted but I knew I wanted a ring from Tiffany & Co. I don’t know why but I always imagined my engagement ring would be from Tiffany. I knew getting a ring at Tiffany meant I would get less for our money, but I didn’t care. I knew it would be great quality and last a lifetime.

We had an extremely modest budget for my ring. We were pretty much living paycheck to paycheck and spending two month’s salary on a ring was NOT a reality for us. Plus I wouldn’t even feel comfortable wearing something that valuable. I would be too paranoid. I was happy with a modest ring.

Our Engagement Story and Why I Love My Non-Traditional Wedding Ring

When we went into Tiffany & Co we had just a few options that fit our budget. I tried on a couple rings and fell in love with a platinum setting with alternating diamonds and pink sapphires. It was at the very top of our ring budget so it meant I couldn’t get a wedding band, but I didn’t really care. I loved the ring and I knew right away it would be perfect for my engagement/wedding ring. Over six years later I’m still madly in love with my ring.

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Other perfect reasons … Over the years I have heard of diamonds getting chipped, small stones being lost, even rings getting stolen! One friend was fiddling with her ring during their honeymoon and it FELL INTO THE OCEAN. This stuff can really happen, even if you think you’re the most careful person on the planet.

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I love to hear engagement stories, so please share yours with me in the comments!

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