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My Focus Word for 2015 is …. Focus

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My Focus Word for 2015 is .... Focus

Early in 2014 I went to Alt Summit and the universe seemed to be telling me to FOCUS. I already picked my special phrase for 2014 which was Let It Go, but I took some actions to focus on what was important in my business. I narrowed down my four blogs into two, and I dropped the idea of being a multi-client Virtual Assistant by closing my Fiverr and Elance accounts. But by the end of 2014 and entering 2015, I’m still feeling the crunch. I know I’m doing too much and I’m still not sure how to find the balance I’m looking for. So 2015 will be all about FOCUS.

My Focus Word for 2015 is .... Focus

Things I’m working on this year:

♥ I want to redesign both my blogs and clear up some of the clutter. I’ve already made some changes to BFT, so hopefully you like them! It is still a work in progress, and I still have hopes of someday being able to hire a professional designer. Like a lot of things in my life, I just want my blog layouts to be simpler. Less options, less overwhelm.

♥ I bought new planning pages and I set up a special section to make monthly and weekly goals. I also created a section to write down personal wins and business victories as they happen. Because it’s important to track tasks, but more important to celebrate your successes.

♥ I need to narrow my work focus. I have 2 blogs, I’m a vacation planner, a virtual assistant, and a jewelry consultant. I have a lot of ideas for my blog and they simply aren’t getting done because I feel I have no time. Which leads me to …

♥ I will manage my time more efficiently. I admit I have trouble FOCUSING on what I’m doing and I find myself drifting. I check Facebook and Instagram WAY too much. I jump from job to job and have trouble staying on task. I’m lazy in the morning. I watch too much TV. I play too much Tsum Tsum. I don’t want to give up these things, but I’m stuck in my professional life and I have to do something. I’m not totally sure what that is, yet.

The goals I want to set for this year need to go beyond stats and numbers. I want to feel more relaxed and more confident. I want to network more and see my friends more. I don’t want to feel lazy, and I don’t want to go to sleep thinking about all the things I should have completed that day, but didn’t. I’m sad to say it but I need to go to Disneyland less and stay home and focus on writing more. (Ironically I wrote the bulk of this post on my phone while waiting in a 100 minute queue to meet Baymax, so perhaps I’m getting better at multi-tasking? Hehe.)

bA hug from Baymax is a great way to start the year

2015 will be a year of focus and change. I don’t have all the answers yet, but hopefully I’m starting with a good foundation.

What is your focus word for 2015?

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