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Meet Vela!

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On Friday we welcomed a new member to our family! She’s fuzzy and squirmy and already I feel like I’ve known her forever.

Meet Vela!

Meet Vela! // Budget Fairy Tale

A week ago, Mr. BFT and I went to a kitten adoption fair at the Burbank Animal Shelter.  We decided we wanted to get a kitten for Christmas instead of exchanging gifts. We went just to feel it out and didn’t really expect to take a cat home right away.

We went and there was probably 20-25 kittens in cages, and just as many people milling about. We approached the nearest cage and were asked right away if we wanted to hold a kitten. DUH.

We held two or three but they were really squirrely. Then we held Vela. She wasn’t meowing at all and she was very very calm. Mr. BFT gave her the head scratch test and she closed her little eyes and that’s when we knew that she might be the one. We held a couple other kittens before we went back to Vela. That’s when we found out that Vela’s foster mom actually was out of town and the fosters have to meet with the new owners before they’ll release the kittens to them. They took our name and number and told us that someone would be in contact with us in a couple days. 
On Monday afternoon when I hadn’t heard anything I called the shelter. They said the foster was still out of town but would be coming back, again, in a couple days. They said that they would contact the foster again and someone would be in touch with me.
On Wednesday when I still hadn’t heard anything I called the shelter back again. This time I was told that the foster was out of town on a family emergency and that’s why there was so much confusion regarding when she would be back and when she would contact us.  The person who was helping us was really nice and agreed to meet with me and Vela at the shelter on Friday, and if the meeting went well we could take Vela home right away!

On Friday I went to the shelter and met up with the foster representative and Vela. The meeting went really well and before I knew it I was filling out some paperwork and taking Vela home!


Meet Vela! // Budget Fairy Tale
{Vela’s First Picture – she wouldn’t stay still!}

Having a kitten is super exhausting! She has so much energy and we are on constant alert to make sure she doesn’t hurt herself or destroy something valuable.  Oh, and her favorite time to run around like a maniac is between 12 midnight and 2 am.  It’s an adjustment for sure but I’m really enjoying it.


Meet Vela! // Budget Fairy Tale
{Vela’s first act of terror}


Meet Vela! // Budget Fairy Tale
{I am in love with her pink toes, I want to eat them}

I just want to give major props to the Burbank Animal Shelter! Everyone there was so nice and helpful.  They have so many adorable pets ready to adopt, if anyone in the area is looking for a new member of the family.  Vela even has a brother, and all black male kitty named Draco, who is still available for adoption.  You can also follow them on Facebook for news and updates on their animals.

I’m sure there will be much more about Vela on the blog but if you want to see DAILY Vela updates, you can follow me on Instagram.

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