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Gift Guide for Loki Fans

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 Poster of Loki TV Series

You all knew this was coming, right?

Turns out I’m a Marvel fan now, thanks to the Disney+ show LOKI. Which I’ve watched and rewatched, erm, a few times.

If you have any Loki fans in your life, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite Loki products for your gift-giving ease.

Loki Fans Gift Guide

Looking for an easy TVA Loki Disneybound? This shirt + this belt are the perfect combo!

[lasso ref=”marvel-loki-time-variance-authority-front-and-back-t-shirt” id=”44562″ link_id=”28691″]

[lasso ref=”buckle-down-3″ id=”44564″ link_id=”28692″]

Website screenshot of three Loki products from Fathead

Fathead – Loki standees, wall decals (as seen in my Instagram Reels!), and posters. 

[lasso ref=”rstyle” id=”44420″ link_id=”16870″]

[lasso ref=”rstyle-2″ id=”44421″ link_id=”16871″]

A few of my favorite items from Amazon:

[lasso ref=”marvel-comics-unisex-adult-base-metal-loki-helmet-chain-pendant-necklace-antique-gold-silver-one-size” id=”44404″ link_id=”8910″]

[lasso ref=”marvel-avengers-endgame-loki-avenge-the-fallen-poster-t-shirt” id=”44406″ link_id=”8911″]

[lasso ref=”marvel-loki-trickster-tarot-t-shirt” id=”44407″ link_id=”8912″]

[lasso ref=”tsotmo-tv-show-inspired-gift-i-am-burdened-with-glorious-purpose-novelty-cosmetic-bag-fans-gift-friendship-gift-glorious-purpose” id=”44408″ link_id=”8914″]

[lasso ref=”marvel-studios-loki-god-of-mischief-and-most-powerful-asgards-sorcerer-limited-edition-metal-based-and-enamel-5-lapel-pin-set-amazon-exclusive” id=”44410″ link_id=”16872″]

Definitely not officially licensed but who can resist cuddling up with Tom, not me.
[lasso ref=”loki-tom-hiddleston-ultra-soft-micro-flannel-fleece-blanket-big-3d-printing-bedroom-living-room-throw-blanket-home-decor-for-bed-couch-chair-sofa-travel-for-adults-kids-black-50×40″ id=”44411″ link_id=”16873″]

[lasso ref=”2021-hallmark-loki-christmas-tree-ornament” id=”44412″ link_id=”16874″]

TVA Loki is the best Loki.
[lasso ref=”funko-pop-marvel-loki-loki-3-75-inches” id=”44413″ link_id=”16875″]

[lasso ref=”lego-marvel-studios-series-loki-minifigure-71031″ id=”44414″ link_id=”16876″]

[lasso ref=”wsnang-movie-helmet-stud-earrings-green-crystal-alloy-stud-movie-fans-gift-cosplay-jewelry-for-cosplay-props-gift” id=”44415″ link_id=”16877″]

Also unlicensed but I’m including it because of this bullet point: “‘I am burdened with glorious purpose’ – a quote easily the best part of what is all together an amazing film.”
[lasso ref=”inspired-cuff-bracelet-i-am-burdened-with-glorious-purpose-bracelet-jewelry” id=”44416″ link_id=”16878″]

[lasso ref=”i-am-burdened-with-glorious-purpose-key-ring-tv-show-gift-helmet-keychain” id=”44417″ link_id=”16879″]

I am begging someone to throw me a birthday party with this decor.
[lasso ref=”the-loki-party-decorations-the-loki-party-supplies-included-birthday-banner-cake-topper-cupcake-topper-balloons-and-loki-stickers-party-supplies-favor-pack-set-for-kids-and-fans” id=”44418″ link_id=”16880″]

[lasso ref=”loki-coloring-book-an-interesting-coloring-book-with-many-illustrations-of-loki-for-relaxation-and-stress-relief” id=”44419″ link_id=”16881″]

loki apocalypse collection

Loki Apocalypse Collection Stickers – Fan art on Redbubble. I think these are really cool!


Poster for Loki TV series with text overlay "Loki Fans Gift Guide"

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