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Festival of Brides 2012 at the Disneyland Hotel

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This past Sunday was the Festival of Brides luxury bridal show at the Disneyland Hotel!  I went to this great show last year when I was just at the very start of our wedding planning, so I was excited to go back to the show one year later, feeling wiser and much more relaxed.  You shall not intimate me, bridal expo exhibitors, RAAWR!


The expo takes place in the Disneyland Grand Ballroom, and yes, it is a wedding reception venue if your guest count (and bank account) is big enough.  And they had Cinderella’s Carriage on display, sans horses and footmen.

This is the closest I’ll ever get to it.

Here are some of my favorite displays from the vendor booths.







If someone wants to buy this for me as a wedding gift, I wouldn’t hate that!





Tara and her team at Fairytale Hair and Makeup was on-hand to do hair and makeup trials!  Here is a lucky Disneyland Bride getting her trial on!  Fairytale Hair and Makeup is one of DFTW’s “preferred vendors.”











Pixie dust gobo!




There was also a fashion show featuring Kathy Ireland’s new line of wedding gowns.








The absolute best part of this expo at the Disneyland Hotel is getting a glimpse of DFTW in action.  They have some of their ballrooms on display and decked out by the DFTW floral and decor team.  This year we also got to talk to a DJ and a photobooth operator regarding their services.

Members of the amazing DFTW team!

First we went to check out the Trillium Room at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.  This is our reception venue so it was nice to see it open and on display!




Dessert buffett, yum yum!  Yes, you can have this for your wedding!



Next we headed over to the newly renovated Mark Twain Room at the Disneyland Hotel.













Of course we had to try out the photobooth in the corner.


But the highlight of the day was meeting celebrity wedding planner Kevin Lee!  I told him he was awesome on Conan and he posed for a picture with me (I was alone so we had to do the reverse iphone thing).

Shesheshe, fabulous darling!

And finally, there is the swag.  Oh, the swag!! I tried to keep it to a minimum this year since I don’t need any more vendors for our wedding, but I still ended up with tons!

Meet my new favorite pen.

If you are considering a Disneyland wedding, I highly recommend attending this expo!

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