DIY Ombre Heart Valentine’s Day Mickey Ears

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DIY Ombre Heart Valentine's Day Mickey Ears

Love is in the air, at least it was when I visited Disneyland last week! Or maybe I brought the love with me by wearing these cute Valentine’s Day themed Mickey ears. I’ve been wanting to try making ears with a floral crown for a while, and Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect opportunity. It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had imagined – the toughest part was scouring the aisles at Michael’s, looking for the perfect sized flower bunch! Cutting out the hearts also took a little trial and error, but all-in-all it only took me a couple hours to make these. You can do so many color variations on these, too, if pink is not your thing! Wouldn’t these look cool with black ears and neon felt? So many possibilities!

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine's Day Mickey Ears

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine’s Day Mickey Ears


  • White plastic headband
  • White craft foam
  • Three (3) different colors of felt
  • Six (6) small fake flowers
  • Glue gun
  • 3/4 inch ribbon
  • Sequin ribbon

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine's Day Mickey Ears


Step 1 – Cut your mickey ears from foam and glue them to the headband. See this post for detailed instructions and ears template.

Step 2 – Cut out three different sized hearts from the felt, using a different color for each size. Unfortunately I don’t have a template for this; I just did it by freehand! It took a few tries to size it to the ears correctly. Once I got the right size, I used that as a template for the other five hearts. Then I trimmed the smaller hearts until they looked the way I wanted. I placed my hearts in an ombre pattern – from dark on the bottom to light on top – but you can use whatever colors you please!

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine's Day Mickey Ears

Step 3 – Using the hot glue, I carefully glued the three hearts together. You don’t need much glue for this, just some dabs around the edges! Once dry, I used the hot glue to attach the hearts to the ears.

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine's Day Mickey Ears

Step 4 – Starting in the center, attach the small fake flowers to the headband, like a crown. You can use big gobs of hot glue for this, since you’ll be covering it up with a ribbon later!

Step 5 – Measure and cut a piece of the regular ribbon to cover the flower stems and glue. Always cut a little extra than you think you’ll need! Using a dab of glue, attach the ribbon to the top of the flowers on one end, starting where the stems & glue look unslightly. Continue across the row of flowers until you reach the end. Secure the end piece with glue and cut the excess. (In all honesty, this step is optional. Unless someone is freakishly tall or you’re super short, no one is going to be looking straight down on your head.)

Step 6 – Measure and cut a piece of the sequin ribbon to wrap around the edges of the two ears. Use a dab of glue to secure the sequin ribbon to the bottom of one ear (where the foam meets the headband) and continue wrapping and gluing the ribbon around the edge of the ear until you reach the headband on the other side. Secure the end with glue and cut the excess. (Another optional step, but will make your ears look more polished by hiding the foam seam.)

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine's Day Mickey Ears

Aren’t your new ears so pretty and romantic? Have fun wearing them at the Park, or to a fancy dinner, or whatever you happen to be doing on Saturday!

DIY Ombre Heart Valentine's Day Mickey Ears

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