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How to Get Discount Disney Tickets

Since I am well known as a Disneyland connoisseur, I’m often approached by friends or blog readers asking me for advice on planning their trip. The one thing EVERYONE always asks me is, “How can I get discount Disney tickets?” And my answer has always been, well … you can’t.

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Disney offers good seasonal discounts on their hotel rooms, and Walt Disney World offers Free Dining packages once in a while, but Disney doesn’t really offer discounts on their Park tickets. Every now and then Costco might have a good deal on multi-day tickets. And for goodness sake, DO NOT buy tickets off of Craigslist!!

But all my previous advice has changed since I discovered Undercover Tourist!!

Undercover Tourist offers discounts on select Disneyland and Walt Disney World tickets, and have the BEST prices I have seen!

Here is some additional information to know about using Undercover Tourist to buy your tickets:

  • There are no discounts on single day passes.
  • With multi-day passes, the more days you buy the better your discount!
  • You can also get tickets for Universal Studios, Sea World, and LEGOLAND.
  • With Undercover Tourist you can also add hotels and rental cars.

Undercover Tourist also partners with many of my favorite Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels! Go to the Undercover Tourist home page and select “Hotels” at the top and then select “Los Angeles” to find the best prices on hotels in the area (including the official Disneyland Resort hotels).

If you have any questions or concerns about using Undercover Tourist, please reach out to me! I’m so happy I now have this resource to offer to you. I know Disney trips can be expensive, and every dollar you save counts!