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Upcycle Your Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

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It’s the first week in February, so if you’re like me, it means you’re taking down Christmas decorations. No, really. I’m embarrassingly behind this year, due to races and conferences and illness (oh my!). So when I saw Becky from Disney in Your Day posting pictures from this DIY, it couldn’t have been more timely, since my holiday cards are currently sitting in a pile on my mantel. I totally hate throwing people’s cards away. So much so that for years I used to create garland out of the cards, but I finally tossed it when I realized I never really got around to hanging it up and it was taking up so much space in my storage boxes. I like Becky’s idea so much better! She turns her pretty cards into gift tags for the following Christmas … and then in 11 months, you don’t have to worry about buying gift tags!! GENIUS! Big thanks to Becky for contributing this post here today; be sure to stop by her blog Disney in Your Day and show her some love!

Upcycle Your Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

I get so many pretty Christmas cards but I never know what to do with them. Especially the fun Disney ones that I get – they are so beautiful! I don’t want to throw them away, but I don’t want to just shove them in a drawer, either. So this year I decided to recycle them by creating gift tags for next year’s Christmas presents!

Upcycle Your Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

• Christmas cards
• Cardstock
• Scissors
• Glue (I used rubber cement)
• Hole punch
• Ribbon

The first thing that I did was take all the old cards I had collected and cut out the designs that I liked. Nothing too big, and some cards with smaller designs I was able to get two or three snippets from. I used fancy-edged scissors to make it look more fun.

The next step was cutting out tags from cardstock. I thought about just using the cards on their own, but a lot of them had writing on the back or were a funky shape. I used my silhouette machine to easily cut out a bunch of tags, but you could do it yourself with scissors and a stencil (or even freehand) and then hole punch them.

Upcycle Your Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

Then I glued the card designs onto the tags.

Finally, I tied a ribbon through each hole so that I would have a way to secure them to the packages next year.

Upcycle Your Christmas Cards into Gift Tags

And ta-da! A bunch of gift tags to use next holiday season!

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