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Multiple performers dressed as Marvel characters as seen on stage at a broadway-style show

An exciting announcement for Marvel fans!

In February 2023, Disneyland announced the fictional musical stage show ‘Rogers: The Musical’ will actually be coming to Disney California Adventure this summer! The one-act stage show will debut at the Hyperion Theater in Summer 2023 for a limited-run, although exact details have not been announced yet.

What is ‘Rogers: The Musical?’

In the first episode of the Hawkeye series on Disney+, Clint Barton is seen watching a musical number of a stage show based on the life of Steve Rogers, the first Captain America. The scene is a musical depiction of the Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie, retold in typical upbeat musical theater style.

Viewers of the show saw just a glimpse of this musical number as Clint looks down at the playbill and rolls his eyes.

However, as a post-credit scene at the end of the final Season 1 episode, we got to see the entire musical number, presumably titled “I Can Do This All Day” as a nod to one of Steve’s most famous quotes.

Ever since Hawkeye aired in December 2021, Marvel fans have been begging to see ‘Rogers: The Musical’ grace the stage in real life.


‘Rogers: The Musical’ D23 Expo Debut 

Marvel fans received their wish at the 2022 D23 Expo, a Disney fan convention that takes place every other year in Anaheim, CA.

To kick off the Marvel, Star Wars, and 20th Century Studios presentation in Hall D23, a live band came forward playing the familiar opening notes of the song featured in ‘Rogers: The Musical.’

And the crowd went wild. I should know … I was there!

We got to see the entire ‘Rogers: The Musical’ number performed on stage, just as it appeared in the Hawkeye post-credits scene. I do believe it received the longest applause and loudest cheers of the entire 3 day D23 Expo.

‘Rogers: The Musical’ Coming to Disney California Adventure

Seeing the number live at D23 Expo only made Marvel fans want more of ‘Rogers: The Musical.” Many fans on social media pointed out that the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure has been sitting empty since the 2020 pandemic closure. The Hyperion Theater just happens to sit between Avengers Campus and Hollywood Land, the perfect fit for a stage show based around a Marvel character from the 1940s. 

Well, the higher ups at Disney Parks must have heard the fans’ requests, because in February 2023 it was announced that a short one-act ‘Rogers: The Musical’ would in fact be coming to the Hyperion Theater for a limited run!


When will ‘Rogers: The Musical’ Debut at Disneyland Resort?

All we know right now is that ‘Rogers: The Musical’ will debut at Disney California Adventure in Summer 2023. Details such as debut date, show times, and running length will be revealed soon.


No matter the details, ‘Rogers: The Musical’ is guaranteed to be a SMASH hit for the Disneyland Resort! (That was a Hulk reference!)



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