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STAR WARS Rey Running Costume Tutorial

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STAR WARS Rey Running Costume Tutorial

I remember wanting to do a Rey running costume as soon as I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the first time. But I also knew there would probably be a million Reys at the next Star Wars race, and I was right. I instead did a tribute to my beloved Han Solo, which was a really fun costume.

But for this year’s race I needed two costumes since I was running both the 10k and the Half Marathon, so I decided to dress as the two newest Star Wars heroines – Jyn Erso and Rey.

STAR WARS Running Costume Tutorial

Putting together a Rey costume seemed daunting, so I first purchased a Rey halloween costume off Amazon. I had read reports of runners wearing this costume so I thought I’d give it a try. Once I had it, I realized the material was just not right for me and I wanted to make sure I was going to be comfortable for 13 miles. Also, the wrap dress does not continue on the back, it is just attached to the front and I didn’t feel that was authentic enough. So I returned the costume and made mine from scratch.

STAR WARS Rey Running Costume Tutorial

For this costume you will need:

Beige sleeveless or cap sleeve top
Grey or Beige cropped pants
“Natural” gauze for the wrap dress and arm wraps
Brown belt
Brown wrap bracelet

STAR WARS Rey Running Costume Tutorial

I really struggled with the base of my outfit. I finally settled on beige yoga pants since I could not find pants in a better color. I usually stick to black pants since they are more flattering and was nervous about wearing light colored pants, but I think with the overall costume they ended up being okay. They were VERY comfortable.

I went to several local clothing stores to find a decent top and finally found something the correct color at Nordstrom Rack. I bought it, even though it had short sleeves. I never found anything more suitable, though, so I ended up using it. (similar).

To make the wrap dress I bought 2 yards of natural cotton gauze at my local craft store. I cut it into strips about 8 inches wide and used no-sew hem tape to create one long piece of gauze, about 12 feet long. The fabric was the right color but I felt it looked too “new” so I sprayed the fabric with brown spray dye to make it look dirty. On the morning of the race I used double-sided clear tape to attach the wrap to my top so it wouldn’t be sliding all over the place while I ran. It stayed in place the whole race!

The belt was made of brown craft foam, cut into 1 inch strips and held together by tape (I taped the belt around my waist on race morning). The brown bracelet was a simple leather craft bracelet found at my local craft store (similar).

Rather than wrapping gauze around my arms, which seemed uncomfortable for 13 miles, I purchased beige compression sleeves. I have never worn compression sleeves before and usually with half marathons I would always experience uncomfortable swollen fingers towards the end, but not this time! So aside from matching with the costume, they really work.

STAR WARS Rey Running Costume Tutorial

I also wore compression socks and a light colored visor, which are items I wear during every race to stay comfortable.

And you can’t forget Rey’s signature hairstyle! I practiced Rey’s triple bun a few days before the race to make sure I could quickly get it right on the morning of the race.

STAR WARS Rey Running Costume Tutorial

My costume was even BB-8 approved! 😉

STAR WARS Rey Running Costume Tutorial

Overall I’m happy with the way this costume came together! It was easily recognizable (I had a lot of spectators cheering for “Rey!” along the course) and very comfortable. My one complaint was lack of pockets, so I had to wear my Flipbelt underneath my top.

I hope this tutorial helps you put together your Rey running costume! Thank you for reading!

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