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Poster Palette – Aladdin

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It has been a while since I’ve done a Poster Palette; in fact, I haven’t done one since I rebranded to Inspired By Dis! I’m long overdue. I was listening to a Disney Pandora station (perfectly normal 34-year-old behavior), when “Never Had A Friend Like Me” came on, and what can I say … I was inspired!

I found this very pretty and romantic Aladdin poster on IMPAwards and thought it would be perfect inspiration for a wedding palette. I basically built the palette around the sunset – deep blue, purple, red, and orange. There’s some ivory in there to represent the glow of the moon.

Poster Palette - Aladdin // Inspired By Dis

I gathered a few coordinating images from the official Disney Weddings website. Of course I had to include a beautiful sunset picture, and how great is that cake?

Poster Palette - Aladdin // Inspired By Dis

This bold palette could also be great in a kid’s bedroom!

I hope you like this palette inspired by Aladdin. Let me know what movie you want me to use for the next Poster Palette!

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