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New Cocktails at Disneyland Resort in 2024

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Need a little break from the bustle of the Disneyland parks? If you’re over 21+ and enjoy a nice cocktail, you’ll want to save this list for your next visit. I’m sharing a few of the new drinks that have caught my eye, and all of them are available at Disney California Adventure. Cheers!

Four new cocktails in plastic cups at Disneyland Resort in 2024.

The start of 2024 is proving to be a great year for Disney Adults! Case in point: The list of new cocktails recently added to the menus at Disney California Adventure. While it’s always easy to get a glass of wine or beer at many spots around the theme park, sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a break with a cold cocktails.

From tequila to rum to bourbon to vodka, it seems there’s something new for every palette this year. I hope you find a new favorite!

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Disney California Adventure – New Cocktails for 2024

*Note – You must be 21+ to order these beverages. Adults over 21+ may purchase only 2 alcoholic drinks at a time.

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A watermelon michelada in a yellow plastic cup with a tajin rim

Watermelon Michelada (Golden Road Street Cart) – Cerveza with Watermelon Chamoy Lemonade and a Watermelon Candy Ring

A margarita in a glass with a red rim.

Watermelon Chamoy Tequila Cocktail (Golden Road Street Cart) – Tequila with Watermelon Chamoy Lemonade and a Watermelon Candy Ring.

A pink drink with a mint garnish on a black background.

Citrus Vibes (Hollywood Lounge) – Bourbon with Orange Juice, Grenadine and Angostura Bitters, topped with a Cherry

An orange drink in a cup on a black background.

Blood Orange Caipirinha (Hollywood Lounge) – Blood Orange Lemonade with Cachaҫa

A pink drink with a yellow rim on a black background.

Desert Pear Vodka Sour (Hollywood Lounge) – Vodka, Desert Pear Syrup and Sour Mix

Dragonfruit Soju Mule (Hollywood Lounge) – Soju, Dragon Fruit Syrup, Lime Juice and Ginger Ale, garnished with DOLE® Dragon Fruit.

A red drink with a lime wedge on top.

Sparkling Blackberry Margarita (Smokejumpers Grill) – Sparkling Blackberry Lemonade with Tequila and Lime

A plastic cup with an orange drink sitting on top of a wooden table.

Melon Cooler  (Smokejumpers Grill) – Citrus-Melon Punch, Vodka, Mint and Melon Garnish

Raspberry Limeade Cocktail  (Smokejumpers Grill) – Vodka with Raspberry Limeade. 

Passion, Orange and Guava Cocktail (Smokejumpers Grill) – Rum with Passion, Orange and Guava Punch.

A yellow drink with a slice of lime on a wooden table.

Brazilian Cachaça Limonada (Sonoma Terrace) – Refreshing blend of Leblon Cachaça Rum, Lime Juice and Sweetened Condensed Milk poured over Ice

Craftwell Hibiscus Lemonade (Sonoma Terrace) – Flavors of Hibiscus and Lemons (ABV 8.5%).


Craftwell Cocktails, Peach Mojito (Mendocino Terrace) – Ripe, delectable West Coast Peaches and Fresh Garden Mint with a Key Lime finish. 


4 Sons Brewing, Hard Seltzer Blue Raz Lemonade (Pym Tasting Lab) – 4 Sons Hard Seltzer with Raspberry, Blue Butterfly Pea Flower and Lemon (ABV 5.0%). By placing an order for this item, you confirm that you are at least 21 years of age. Valid proof of age required at time of pick up.


Berry Smash (Lamplight Lounge) – Rye Whiskey, House-made Blueberry Mash, Passion Fruit Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice and Muddled Mint, topped with a splash of Soda Water and Fresh Blueberries


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