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“My Fair Wedding” Recap – Painting the Wedding Red Bride

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Whew, hi everyone!  Welcome to a very late My Fair Wedding recap.  I didn’t want to end the season like this, but I had a busy, busy Sunday entertaining my future in-laws and being showered with gifts.  It’s a busy time in my life and I’m hanging on the best I can!  So let’s get right to it – the Season 5 Finale of My Fair Wedding!

This is Amber and Craig.  And Marco.

Amber wants Marco to act as ring bearer at their wedding but I’m pretty sure David is not going to be okay with that.

At several times during the episode I had a strong desire to poke Amber to keep her from falling asleep.

I guess that is just how she looks but I found her narcolepsy super distracting.

Anyway, Amber and Craig are venueless and Amber says she is wedding planning challenged and needs David’s help.

David refers to Amber’s table of things as “alarming.”  There are Buddahs, elephants, dogs, sunflowers, sunglasses, peace signs, and rocks.  He notes there is a lot of red and Amber says it’s her favorite color.

Amber says the sunglasses represent Nicole Richie because she always wears sunglasses and Amber loves her, which makes David do this:

Amber says she just wants her wedding to be fun and a big celebration.

It’s time to look at the bridesmaids dresses, but David is confused because the dress is not red.

Looking for the red dress.

The bridesmaids chose their own dress but the bride doesn’t really like them.

Then the bride comes out in her gown.

David likes it but then finds out that the dress is rented and can’t handle it.

David tells the bride that he is envisioning the perfect venue for the wedding, but it’s in Paris so he can’t have it there.  What a tease.  But he said he’s going to take the vibe and positive energy from that venue and bring it to Amber and Craig’s wedding.

After the break we see Amber is getting a new wedding dress!  David also tells Amber his new vision for her wedding is “Painting the Wedding Red” and they will incorporate red into whichever dress she chooses.

Dress #1

The bride really likes it but thinks it may be a little poofy.

Dress #2

The bride likes this one, too, even though it’s poofier than the first one!

Dress #3

The bride LOVES this one.  Looooves this one.  Loves it so much that ….

We have to take a shot!

David never asks her which dress is her favorite, but we have to assume it’s #3.

Next David takes Amber to Bobbe Joy Cosmetics to get some custom-made makeup.  Which is pretty bombtastic.

The bride gets to choose from three different custom color lipsticks, and gets to name whichever one she chooses!  (Turns out David picked it, bygones.)

Amber named her lipstick “Mrs. H.”  Clever, no?  I really assumed she would name the lipstick after her dog.  If I had a chance to name something, I would name it after my cat, for sure.

Next, David takes Amber to Casa Bianca where her bridesmaids are waiting, already wearing fabulous red dresses.

I’m getting a little frustrated with the bridesmaids that look like supermodels.

We are here to see new bridesmaids dresses, although it looks like David already picked one.

Dress #1 – The bridesmaids are already wearing it but for some reason David makes them leave and walk back in.

These girls would look good in anything, but I am seriously not feeling this style.  The little hip ruffles are not flattering on anyone.

Dress #2

The bride likes the rose detailing (I do, too).

Dress #3

The bride really likes it, but the ladies were a little worried about the boob peek-a-boo, as they should be.

David asks which is the favorite, and it is #2 all around.

The ‘maids are excused and David tells Amber she is getting a fabulous red dress & jewelry to wear at her reception.

Dress #1

The bride likes it.

Dress #2

Amber seems to like this dress a lot more than #1.  She can see herself dancing at her wedding wearing this dress.

Dress #3

David thinks the back of the dress may be a little too much for a wedding, but Amber likes #3 the best.

David tells Amber he is moving the wedding to the California Market Center in Downtown, L.A., because they will let David paint the actual room red.  Now I’m scared.

Okay, it’s wedding day!  David shows up to reveal the dresses he chose for Amber.

It’s …. #2

Which is totally not the one the bride liked.  She liked #3.  Remember? She cried all over it.

But I guess we’re okay with it.

And then …

He picked #2 for the reception dress.  Totally not the one the bride wanted.  What’s going on here?

My thoughts exactly.

Then David flashes some Swarovski bling and all is forgiven.

“Oooooh … “

David checks out the ceremony and reception space.

When does it become …. too much red?  Right about now?

Time to reveal the bridesmaids dresses.

Yeah, TOTALLY not the ones the bridesmaids wanted.  I can’t remember the last time we saw this much rebellion from The Tuts.  It’s not that it looks BAD, but what’s the point of even asking what they like or giving them choices.  Regardless, hopefully the bride was still happy with everything.

She does look happy.  And sleepy.

She loved this necklace, but compared to last week’s seashell monstrosity, this thing looks downright itty-bitty.

“This all red bouquet clearly doesn’t have enough red. Someone dye some feathers.”

Let’s get on with it.



Is it just me, or is there no red on this dress.  Is it just difficult to see from far away?  I am confused.

Distracting moving flower backdrop is distracting.

Wake up, you’re getting married!

I guess we decided we take a shot when a bridesmaid cries. So shot #2.

Shot #3!

The big reception reveal.  Let’s hope she wasn’t lying when she said she really loves red.

Because everything, seriously everything, is red.

Shhh, naptime.

This is a lot of red.  A loooooooot of red.

Also, guy in a cowboy hat.

I’m pretty jealous of this … they had an artist painting a picture right there in the room.  I have seen this at other weddings and actually in person once at a bridal show and I fell in love with this idea, but alas, such luxuries don’t fit into the budget bride’s bottom line.

They make a toast to David (no gift) ….

… the couple looks at their painting …

AND THAT’S IT!  No cake cutting!
So okay, that’s our season finale, folks.  What do you think?  I was very underwhelmed with this episode, and the season in general.  A lot of it fell flat to me.  It makes me sad that David didn’t chose the dress that the bride loved.  I am also thrown by the lack of cake cutting at the end of this episode.  Way to throw us a curveball, editors!
Despite the massive undertaking these recaps entail, I will miss it!  But I know MFW is coming back in a few months so I’m going to enjoy my recapping break and start planning a wedding again (remember my wedding?), and I will return FRESH and RE-ENERGIZED when MFW starts up again.  Until then, enjoy this final Faces of David, as my pal Tuts says, ALWAYS DREAM BIGGER.

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