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Menu Tasting at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel!

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Hello and a very happy Monday to you!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend.  Mine was busy busy busy per usual, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share some pictures from our spectatularly amazing menu tasting!

When you have a wedding at Disney, you are given several different menus to choose from with varying price points.  You can choose two of each course to try at your menu tasting, and then narrow it down to one choice for your wedding.  You will see in the pictures below we tried two salads, two entrees, and two desserts.  We also tried a vegan entree and dessert.  Finally, we tried FIVE different cake flavors (spoiler alert: they were all AMAZING!).

Attending the tasting were myself and my parents, Mr. BFT and his parents, and our outside Day-of Coordinator, Laura with Rebel Belle Weddings.

We met up with our Disney Wedding Coordinator in the lobby of the hotel, and we were whisked away to our tasting location, the Iris Room!

Don’t I feel special!

The room featured a standard round table set up like it would be at the wedding.  These are the standard linens and centerpieces.  They also had several different napkin folds on display.

We also had an option of choosing plain white chargers, or these special decorative chargers.

 Our server took our drink orders (soda, iced tea, etc) and the chef came in give us a quick run down of the meals we were about to taste.  Soon enough, the first course came out.  We chose two salads to try for our first course.

Sample Cesar salad with parmesean crisp and tangy lemon dressing

Sample Petite Mache, Young Frisee with sun dried cherries, pecans, and Port Wine glaze

Individual tasting portions

For our second course we selected an Intermezzo – a fruit sorbet in a martini glass!

Pink raspberry champagne sorbet

For our third course (the main course) we decided to try the duet of the braised short ribs and chicken with cilantro pesto sauce.  However, for our budget we will only be able to choose one meat.  The sides are garlic mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables.

Full size duet offering

Individual tasting portion for the main course

The bottom right corner is our vegan option, lemon meyer tofu with risotto.  It. Was. AMAZING.

Full size vegan option – so, so good

Soon enough our fourth course was delivered – dessert!  We tried the vanilla creme brulee, and the lemon blueberry tart. Both were delicious!!

Creme brulee with seasonal berries and coconut macaroons

Lemon blueberry tart with meringue topping

For the vegan option, a peach melba with raspberry sorbet.  Also amazing.

Last but certainly not least, they brought out the cake.  I was so stuffed but I managed to cram in a couple bites of each one.

Here we go, from left to right:

  • Carrot cake with chocolate cream cheese filling
  • “Pink” velvet with cream cheese filling
  • Chocolate cake with Chambord soak and chocolate mousse filing with fresh raspberries
  • Pound cake with passionfruit filling
  • Marble cake with Nutella filling
We all sat around, patted our fat bellies, and discussed our favorite menu items.  Then we were able to walk over to our main ballroom to show our parents and coordinator the space and discuss a few other reception plans.  Before I knew it our two hours were up and we parted ways with Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel.  But we’ll be back next month!
So which menu items did we choose?  I suppose I have to keep some things a secret for our guests.  But for my faithful readers, all will be revealed in my wedding day posts after the festivities have come and gone.
Which items look the best to you?  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you’re hungry yet!  Have a great week!
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