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Hidden Mickey Reception Game

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You may remember Michelle’s Mickey inspired wedding as seen here and here, but she also had this really fun Hidden Mickey game for her guests!  Read on …

We had a Hidden Mickey game at the reception.  My sister used her Criket and made these amazing packets for the game so that people would remember the rules and have a place to write their answers.  Disney Floral “hid” about 25 Mickey items around the reception (kind of like looking for them in the parks, but around our reception venue) … the guests had to find all of the Mickeys, write down what they found and where they found them.  There were only three copies of the answers (the florist, the wedding planner and the DJ had them, so even I didn’t know where they all were.  There would be two winners, one adult and one child, and the prize was a chocolate Mickey filled with chocolate Mickey Heads (available at the Disney Florist) and additionally for the child winner was a large Mickey plush!  The second place winner got a couple of the hidden Mickey items to take home.  I had a list given to the photographer so that I could get a picture of each of the hidden Mickeys, and when looking back I would say, “Oh WOW, I didn’t see that one!”


Mickey beads in the centerpieces

Mickey picture frames

Mickey and Minnie figurines

Mickey rice krispie treat

Mickey statue

Mickey coins

Mickey ribbon

Mickey lollipop

Mickey champagne flute

Mickey towel

Mickey confetti in the centerpieces

Mickey plush

Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

What do you think of Michelle’s Hidden Mickey reception game?  This looks like it could be really fun and easy to set up for an at-home Disney themed wedding!
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