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Getting Married vs Getting Weddinged

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The Disney Weddings message boards have been all a flutter this week with news that Disney Fairy Tale Weddings at Walt Disney World was postponing or relocating weddings scheduled at the end of September due to construction near their most popular wedding venue, the Wedding Pavilion.

Yes, that is the end of September of this year.  Meaning, THIS MONTH.

Apparently this is happening to a number of brides, but one bride’s plight in particular went viral and spread across the Disney fansites like wildfire. (The Disney Blog and Touring Plans).  The bride was livid that this was all happening less than 30 days before the wedding date, that DFTW hadn’t called her but instead called the groom, and that this happened on the same day that Disney cashed their final check.

Almost immediately, the bride received backlash regarding her attitude towards the change.  There was a lot of “Don’t forget at the end of the day you’ll still be married,” and “You’re lucky to even be having a Disney wedding” (paraphrasing).

Statements like this really get to me because there is a difference between getting married and getting weddinged.

Getting married is saying your vows, declaring your love, etc., and filing your paperwork with the State.
Getting weddinged is the party.

Getting married is the easy part.
Getting weddinged is the stressful, bridezilla-inducing part.

Most couples get married and weddinged at the same time.  Some choose to do them at different times for whatever reason.

Getting married does not send brides (and grooms) into a state of shock, anger, and fear when their venue calls to tell them they need to change locations less than 30 days before their date.  Planning their wedding, perhaps the most epic and expensive party of their lives, for months or years, and having it all fall apart with 30 days to go, does.

Disney Fairy Tale Weddings is in the business of “making fairy tales come true” (check their website, it says that!) and guess what, Disney weddings do not come cheap.  Despite my best efforts to always remember what the wedding day is all about (the marriage and our union), I would be just as livid and upset as this bride if Disney acted this same way with me right before our wedding (the expensive party).

Today the bride in question announced they have come to a resolution with Disney Weddings that they are both happy with.  I’m glad they were able to come to an agreement and I hope this bride has the wedding of her dreams.

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