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DJ Vs. iPod: Which is Best For Your Wedding?

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DJ Vs. iPod: Which is Best For Your Wedding?

Disney Bride Alexis is planning a Disneyland wedding at the Rose Court Garden and Sleeping Beauty Pavilion for October 2017.

At the last few weddings that I have gone to, I had noticed that the bride and groom opted for hooking up an iPod and playing music through that over having a DJ. I never thought that that would be an option for our wedding because I figured that it would be too stressful. Who is going to control the music? What if we end up not liking some of the music? Do I really want to stress about music on our wedding day? My fiancee thought it might be a good idea, but I just could not get on board with it. We finally decided on patching to house speakers for our ceremony (using the iPod) and having a DJ for the reception. To figure out this wedding battle with my fiancee, we had to do a pros and cons list of both options to see which one would work best for us. Here were some of our findings.

The iPod pros were:
1. It would save us almost $1,500.
2. We had control of the entire playlist and all of the songs that were on it.

The iPod cons were:
1. Having to actually pick every single song to put on a playlist for our wedding.
2. Finding someone to control the iPod (your wedding planner will not do it for you, unfortunately).
3. Having to worry about whoever was in charge of the iPod actually doing their job to your liking.

DJ pros were:
1. Disney’s Fairy tale Weddings gives you a musical selection worksheet with different categories of music and song options in case you are not sure about what song should be played for certain points of the reception (cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc).
2. You do not have to worry about the flow of the wedding; your DJ takes care of that for you.
3. You do not have to worry about the energy level of the reception. The DJ will read the crowd and keep the party rocking!

DJ cons were:
1. The price, if you are on a tight budget.
2. Since you don’t have complete control over the playlist, the DJ might play music you do not like.

After looking at both options, we decided having a DJ for the reception was the way to go. It would be less stress for us and we would not have to worry about the flow of the day, since the DJ also acts as the MC and makes the important announcements.

After we made our choice, I asked our wedding planner if there was any possible way we could have my fiancee’s favorite DJ from Mad T Party, Jason Jass, be the DJ for our wedding (it was a long shot but worth asking). Turned out he was available and willing! Score! Our Disney wedding planner and DJ made it really easy to follow a schedule and choose songs that would help fit our perfect day.

Did you have a DJ for your wedding reception, or did you play music from an iPod? Share your experience with us!

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