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DIY Running Cape Tutorial

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DIY Running Cape Tutorial

I think everyone can agree the best part of participating in RunDisney is the costumes, right? And with so many new themed races, such as Star Wars and Avengers, it opens up the costume possibilities even more. Last year I ran the inaugural Star Wars 10k as Lady Vader and for part of my costume I wanted a pink cape. I could have purchased one for around $20 but I knew it would be easy to make myself …. so I did! And it was even easier than I could have imagined! This DIY running cape cost around $5 and you can make it in any color you desire (as long as that fabric color is available). Also, this cape totally meets Disney’s current RunDisney costume regulations since it stops at the waist.

DIY Running Cape Tutorial


  • Sparkle fabric (if you purchase this at a craft store, be sure to use a coupon!)
  • Ribbon (1/2 inch wide is probably the best size)
  • Needle and thread to match the ribbon color
  • Heat n’ Bond tape
  • Iron
  • Scissors

DIY Running Cape Tutorial


Step One – Measure and cut the fabric as desired. To get the length, measure from just below your shoulder to your waist (tip – you can measure down your side if you don’t have someone to measure your back for you). Then add two inches for the hem where the ribbon will go. My cape was 16 inches + 2 = 18 inches long and 15 inches wide. Remember you can always cut away fabric at the end but you can’t add it back!

Tip: It’s easier if you make the stretchy part of the fabric (without any sequins on it) the top of the cape. You’ll find out why later!

Step Two – Cut the ribbon three times the width of the width (top) of the cape.

Step Three – We’re going to create a loop in the fabric for the ribbon to thread through. Fold over the top of the cape (folding towards the BACK of the cape) leaving a big enough gap in the fabric for the ribbon to easily thread through. Then secure the fabric to itself using the Heat n’ Bond and iron.

Step Four – Thread the ribbon through the loop and secure to the cape in the center using a stitch of thread. This is so the ribbon won’t shimmy out of the cape in transport or during a race!

DIY Running Cape Tutorial

THAT’S IT! Can you believe you’re already done?

There are a few different options for wearing your cape. You may be tempted to tie the cape around your neck but this actually isn’t comfortable while running, especially if you’re a super serious runner who’s going the distance. What I did was use the side ribbons to tie in a bow around each shirt shoulder strap. You can also pin the cape to the shoulders of your top using safety pins.

DIY Running Cape Tutorial

DIY Running Cape Tutorial

If you try this DIY running cape, send me a picture of the finished product! I love to see everyone’s creativity!

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