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Happy Monday!  Today I am very excited to bring you a guest post from Katelyn!  Katelyn had an Up themed Escape wedding at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, and she is here today to share some of her DIY projects.  These projects seem so easy and have so much impact.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

Photography: Julianne Fishell


Up Themed Cake Topper
I ordered the little wooden people from Ecrater and bought some paint and stick on craft supplies, and my husband and I made cake topper people that looked like each other, which was a really fun craft to do together.  I ordered the little plastic balloons on Etsy.

Up Themed Centerpeices with Roses and Balloons
I got two differed sizes of cylinder vases, ribbon, and zip ties from a craft store.  I got the giant balloons from Balloons Fast and the coins from a family friend who has an insanly large coin collection.

Rather than getting flowers from a florist, I ordered bulk roses from (no membership required) and just had to strip the thorns and foilage off myself, which saved a couple hundred dollars.  I ordered 100 Large White Roses and an 80 stem pack of Assorted Bright Colored Spray Roses and had them delivered to my mom’s house, which was my DIY homebase a couple days before the wedding.  As soon as they arrived, I stripped them and got them into flower food/water.  I made 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 mom corsages, and 3 boutonairres, plus 3 large centerpieces and 2 smaller arrangements to put on the head table.  I’ve never worked with large quantities of flowers before, and have to say it was way easier than I expected.  I had several people lined up to help me with them, but ended up just doing it all myself!  In the picture above, can you tell which flowers were provided by Disney, and which were DIY?

For the large centerpieces, the day before the wedding I placed the smaller vases inside of the large ones, and filled the big one up with coins to hold the smaller vase in place.  I filled the small vase with water/flower preservative, and tied a thick bright colored fabric ribbon around the small vase.  When we got to our reception location, we filled the ballons and used zip ties to attach the giant ballons to the ribbon.

Adventure Book Guest Book
For the Adventure Book, I went to the craft store and bought a plain scrapbook and several packs of scrapbooking letter stickers, as well as some dark brown cardstock and an assorted pack of blue/green cardstock to cut down into cards for guests to sign.  I also did several pages of scrapbook layouts on the inner pages of the book to use for wedding photos/mounting our guest cards into the book.

“Carl and Ellie” Mailbox Card Box
I bought a plain white metal mailbox from my local hardware supplies store and used Acrylic Paint the morning of the wedding to do my name and handprint, then left it in my husband’s dressing room to do his portion.  We are keeping it at my mom’s house until we buy our home, and then will be using it as our mailbox!

What do you think of Katelyn and Geoff’s Up wedding theme?  I think their ideas are so cute and everything came out wonderfully!

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