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Disney Holiday Traditions from Disney Brides

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As I was brainstorming blog posts for this week, I thought about what I love most about the holidays.  One of my traditions is, I have to see the “snow” at Disneyland every December.  There’s something about seeing the snow fall against the lights on Main Street while I’m twirling around wearing my scarf and beanie, it makes this Southern California girl feel so warm and happy inside!  I knew I couldn’t be the only one with Disney holiday traditions, so I asked some of my Disney Bride friends about theirs and here’s what they had to say:

“We always watch the Disney parade together after breakfast and opening gifts.” – Mandy

“I have to see the gingerbread house at the Haunted Mansion Holiday (at Disneyland) and buy the special hat/ears of the season.” – Katie

“Growing up Christmas morning I wasn’t able to leave my bedroom without my elf slippers and hot cocoa. To this day I still put on my elf slippers and my fiance gives me hot cocoa in my Minnie mug before I leave the bedroom.” – Carrie

Disney Holiday Traditions - Elf slippers and a Minnie mug
{Carrie’s elf slippers and Minnie mug!}

“We unknowingly started a new Disney tradition last year!  We’re going to buy a new Disney ornament for the tree each year. Our first was the bride and groom ornament last year, and this year we picked up a Mickey head made of jingle bells.” – Christine

“We did an all Disney tree this year.” – Haily

” A recent tradition that PB and I have come to share is PB making a special Christmas delivery of Tokyo Disney holiday goods, more specifically, their Christmas edition winter Minnie caps and ears.  Since 2010 he’s been ordering the holiday hats for me since he knows my greatest Disney love is collecting Disney hats!” – Jennifer

Disney Holiday Traditions - Minnie hats from Tokyo Disney
{Adorable Christmas goodies from Tokyo Disney – Jenn is a lucky girl!}

“I have gotten up early to make Mickey head pancakes and watch the Disney Christmas parade since I was 3 years old – I haven’t missed one yet! And I drink my hot chocolate on Christmas out of a Mickey mug that I got in the parks when I was eight years old. We have so many Disney decorations at home for Christmas; when I worked at the Disney Store I brought home every single Christmas plush I could find.” – Maureen

“My family goes The Grand Floridian every year to see the gingerbread house (and usually buy a shingle)..then we take the monorail over to Magic Kingdom where we watch them light the castle in twinkle lights and have a family photo taken in front of it.” – Michelle

Disney Holiday Traditions - Gingerbread House at Grand Floridian
{Michelle and her hubby at the Grand Floridian!}

“Besides going to Disneyland around the holidays, watching Disney Christmas movies and decorating our house with Disney Christmas decor? No, not really.  ;-)” – Hope

“Hmmm … hubby and I don’t have any Disney traditions … We’ll have to start a new one this year!” – Lucy

Do you have any Disney holiday traditions?  Share them in the comments!

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