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Cinderella’s Coach or Castle Photo Shoot: Which One Would You Choose?

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I speak with a lot of Disneyland brides and when considering their budgets, often a choice has to be made: “We can have one splurge item, either Cinderella’s Coach or Castle photo shoot. Which should we choose?” It’s definitely a tough decision because both experiences are uniquely Disney and considered once-in-a-lifetime. But there’s no denying the price tags associated with these awesome experiences are hefty. Some couples are lucky enough to be able to afford both, and some can’t afford either (*raises hand*). But I feel like most of the brides I speak with are able to splurge on one or the other, and they often have a tough time deciding which one they want more.

Cinderella's Coach or Castle Photo Shoot: Which One Would You Choose?

This tough question was recently posed to a number of my Disneyland bride friends, and here are their thoughts:

Carrie – The Castle shoot! You’ll treasure the pictures forever.

Keri – We chose the Castle shoot, thinking those pictures will be priceless!

Evelyn – We budgeted for the Castle shoot, because we’ve seen so many beautiful pictures!

Chelsea – It really depends on who you are as a person. The Castle shoot is a once in a lifetime experience. BUT if you really want that moment as a “Disney Princess” then the Coach is definitely more for you.

Krysalla – Ask yourself, years from now, which one would you regret not having? I think they are both once in a lifetime opportunities. For us, we would regret not having both so we are trying to save our money!

Mandi – We went for the Coach. The experience for our guests was priceless. And the money we saved by not doing a Castle shoot went towards my Master’s Degree.

Jessica – Our wedding is Cinderella inspired, so the Coach fit better.

Araceli – In my opinion it would be the Castle shoot. I love the idea of being alone in the Park. You have to choose the one that means most to you. Would you love to look back and see those Castle pictures, or pictures of the Coach in all its sparkly glory?

So it seems the overall consensus is the private Castle photo shoot is the more unique and meaningful experience. If you want to read more about having a private Castle photo shoot, you can read the following article:

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