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Chatting with the Cast and Creators of BIG HERO 6

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Chatting with the Cast and Creators of BIG HERO 6

Last month I received a very unique opportunity! A blogger friend of mine, Erin from Horsing Around in L.A. asked if I could cover an event for her. That event – interview the cast and creators of the new Disney animated movie BIG HERO 6. Ummmmm, yes please! The deal was only sweetened by the fact that it took place at the Walt Disney Animation Studios, less than a mile from my house! Can you say, easiest job ever???

For two hours I sat at a roundtable with several friendly and thoughtful journalists and had a chance to ask questions of the talented voice actors and actress in this film, as well as the directors and producer. It was a real thrill to be inside the Roy E. Disney Animation Building and have a chance to talk with some actors I really admire, including Scott Adsit (voice of Baymax), Damon Wayans, Jr. (voice of Wasabi), and T.J. Miller (voice of Fred). I even got to chat with Jamie Chung, who is not only the voice of GoGo Tomago in BIG HERO 6, but she portrayed Mulan on ONCE UPON A TIME. Anyone who knows me knows that Mulan is my favorite Disney movie! Yeah, I totally fan girled.

My article detailing the interviews is now up on Horsing Around in L.A. If you’re excited about BIG HERO 6 coming to theaters this Friday, I hope you’ll give it a read to learn more about making this great movie!


Click here to read “BIG HERO 6: Thoughts from the Cast and Creators” on Horsing Around in L.A.”


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