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BIG HERO 6 Movie Review: A Cuddly Robot Adventure

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BIG HERO 6 Movie Review

Today is a big day! It’s the day the new Disney animated film “Big Hero 6” hits theaters across the country. After being disappointed by “Frozen” last year, I’m happy to say I’m back on board with Disney animation! “Big Hero 6” has a little bit of everything you come to expect from Disney animated features: comedy, adventure, imagination, heart break, and life lessons. I really, really loved it and I hope you do, too!

I was able to attend an early screening of “Big Hero 6” on behalf of my friend Erin’s blog, Horsing Around in L.A., so all my articles this week are housed over there. I hope you’ll click through and give it a read! I spent a lot of time trying to write out a good review that conveyed my emotions about the film without giving too much away. I know my readers come to expect honest reviews from me, and even though this review I wrote is not on my personal blog, I promise it’s my true and honest feelings about the film and it’s the same exact word-for-word review I would write if I were sharing it here on Inspired By Dis. So please give it a read, before or after you see the movie, and tell me what you think! I always want to hear from you!

BIG HERO 6 Movie Review


Click here to read “Disney’s BIG HERO 6 is Here!” on Horsing Around in L.A.


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