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The Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

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Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

One of the best things about Disney vacations are the professional PhotoPass photos you can purchase to remember your trip, because the memories you make are the BEST vacation souvenir, right?

But what do you do when you vacation outside of Disney? (Gasp, I know …)

Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

Even though we are all walking around with tiny photography devices in our pockets or purses, it’s still really important to me to document every vacation with professional photos. It’s no secret I love posing for photos. But that’s not the only reason.

The reason I love having professional photos taken is because I know I’m going to appreciate those photos several years later. Every day I look at a professional photo of Tim and I during our first vacation together in the Bahamas in 2006 that’s pinned above my desk and I think, “Wow, I’m so glad we have these great photos and not just the Point-and-Shoot selfies I was famous for during that era.”

So I know in 5, 10, 20 years, I’ll look back and think, “I’m SO glad we had professional photos taken during our (probably) one and only trip to Paris, France.”

Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

Now the question becomes, how do you find a professional photographer located in your vacation destination? It seems like a daunting task!!

That’s where Flytographer comes in.

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer makes getting those professional travel photos easy by connecting travelers with local photographers in over 300 global destinations including Paris, New York City, and Maui. Most locations have several photographers to choose from you so can find the photography style that best suits you.

Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

I was not aware a service like this even existed until I saw my friend Kendra from Simply Darrling work with them during her own Paris trip. I loved her photos with the Eiffel Tower in the background so much, I contacted Flytographer and requested the same route!

After reading all of the bios for the photographers in Paris, we settled on Rachael. We not only loved her light & airy photography style, but we also loved that she is an American pursuing her dream career in Paris, and a cat mom.

Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

What Happens During Your Shoot?

We were a bit worried when we arrived in Paris because rain was the forecast for the entire week! But Rachael was on top of things. She actually texted me to ask if we could reschedule our shoot for the following day to avoid the rain. We had to rearrange our sightseeing schedule a bit but we worked it out, and I’m glad we did because it was dark and drizzly the morning of our original shoot!

Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

As you can see, we had a partly cloudy sky for our actual shoot. It was perfect. And looking at our photos you would never know it was 10:00 AM at one of the busiest tourist spots in all of France. Rachael did a great job at keeping other people out of our shots, while also respecting the other many (many many) photographers who were also in the area. She even kept an eye on my outfit and hair and told me when I needed to fix or adjust something. This was SO appreciated.

Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

How do you like my outfit? I was struggling over what to wear when I had a miracle fall into my lap. While sipping martinis at Carthay Circle with my multi talented friend Katie Pritchard, she says, “Would you like me to make you an outfit to wear while in Paris?” I think I startled the other lounge patrons when I shouted, “YES!”

Together, with Katie’s fashion expertise (of which I have precisely zero), we picked out a skirt pattern and the most dreamy sparkly fabric I’ve ever seen. I paired it with a chiffon top from Amazon and wore the Marie beret from Whosits and Whatsits for a couple of the pics. I’m so happy with this look!

To keep tabs on what Katie is sewing, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

When Do You Get Your Photos?

Your photos will be uploaded to your Flytographer account no later than 5 business days after your shoot. With a one hour shoot you’ll get 30 edited photos. I was happy to see they included black & white versions of the photos as well.

Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

How to Book

Ready to hire Flytographer for your next vacation? Use this link and save $25 off your first photo shoot!


Save $25 on your first Flytographer photo shoot


Best Vacation Souvenir: Professional Photos

If vacation photos are important to you, the best investment you can make is hiring someone to take professional photos of your whole group. I’m so happy I have these Paris photos!

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