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9 Month Mark – A Wedding Planning Assessment

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This month marks 9 months until the wedding.  Which is very strange because I feel like just yesterday we were at 15 months.  I thought this might be a good time to check and see if I’m on track, so I checked myself (before I wrecked myself) via The Knot Book of Wedding Lists:

  • Set a date (done!)
  • Determine your wedding day style and colors (done!)
  • Hire a wedding planner (our venue comes with one – done!)
  • Set up a budget (done!)
  • Compile your final guest list (done!)
  • Create a web page to announce your wedding (done!)
  • Choose your wedding party (done – although we are cheating by not having a wedding party)
  • Have an engagement party (done! Thank you FMIL and FFIL!)
  • Book your ceremony and reception locations (done!)
  • Book your officiant (done!)
  • Send out save-the-date cards (done!)
  • Book your caterer (done though our venue – so, done!)
  • Book your entertainment (NOT DONE)
  • Book your florist (done through our venue – done!)
  • Book your photographer and videographer (halfway done – photographer, check, videographer, still undecided)
Imagine my shock when I read through this list and found out we are actually on schedule.  The only thing we don’t have done that we are “supposed” to have done by now is the DJ and videographer.  Sadly there is no bullet point on the list for “Make a gazillion trips to Joann Fabric and Michael’s.”
Seeing this list also made me realize how behind I am on this blog.  I have A LOT to talk about so please, hang on to your hats and glasses, as I predict a posting onslaught this week.

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