Why I Decided to Start a Wedding Planning Blog, or, Why I Think I’m Special

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After I first became engaged, I scoured the interwebz for wedding inspiration websites, and have since become a bit of an obsessive blog-follower. Some of my favorite wedding blogs are OffbeatBride.com, RocknRollBride.com, APracticalWedding.comTheBrokeAssBride.com, and DisneyWeddingBlog.com. But, I haven’t been able to find a blog that EXACTLY suits what I’m trying to do, which is plan the perfect day the I’ve always imagined for as little money as possible.

Let me clarify.

See, we aren’t trying to have the cheapest wedding of all time. There are some things we are willing to splurge on (like, duh, our venue). But, the way the Wedding Industrial Complex tries to shove $10,000 gowns down my throat makes me physically ill (seriously – I’ve broken out in stress hives more than once during the few months we have been engaged.) Why do flowers suddenly cost 3x as much when you say the word “wedding?” IT MAKES NO SENSE.

If my blog were a TV show, it would be somewhere in between “Platinum Weddings” and “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding.”

We have a set budget – which I may share after all is said and done – that we feel is outrageous but is actually on par with the average cost of a wedding in Los Angeles. We are paying the bulk of it ourselves but are also blessed to have a bit of help from both parents. So it is important to us to keep costs low for not only us, but for them.

So that describes my wedding planning in a nutshell (“Help, I’m in a nutshell!  Look at the size of this really great big nutshell!”). Thank you for following along. Next I’ll talk about how we settled on a budget and how we picked the Disneyland Resort as our wedding venue.

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