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Choosing Our Venue – The Easiest Wedding Planning Decision We’ve Made

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A few days after we became engaged, Tim and I went to dinner and I brought up the idea of getting married at the Disneyland Resort.  Tim wasn’t surprised, and, even better, he LIKED the idea.  I was so relieved, since I have been planning my wedding at the Rose Court Garden in my head for years.

The next step was to call Disney Fairy Tale Weddings (DFTW) for pricing … dun dun DUN!

After calling and speaking with a representative, I was emailed a PDF with some basic information.  We learned that Disneyland offers an Escape package for 26 people, all inclusive for $5,000!  This worked perfectly for us because we wanted a very small wedding.  Sadly, you cannot get married at the Rose Court Garden as part of the Escape package.  Tim and I went back and forth on this several times before he finally said, “Why would we spend $5,000 or even $500 to get married somewhere other  than your dream location?  We might as well just go to the courthouse.”

So the Escape package was eliminated.

We reviewed the next package, called the Wishes Collection.  The Wishes Collection is basically a custom package and YES, you can get married at the Rose Court Garden!  The minimum expenditure for the Wishes Collection is $10,000 for Monday through Thursday weddings, and $12,000 for Friday through Saturday weddings.  After reviewing our budget and discussing the budget with both our parents, we settled on a Saturday afternoon Wishes wedding!

Next up:  My site visit and first meeting with our wedding coordinator, and how we chose our reception venue.

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