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Trip Report – Day 2, Part 1 – The Rehearsal

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On Day Two I woke up bright and early (a frustrating theme for the week) and played around with my phone before getting out of bed and doing a bit of yoga with the balcony door open so I had a view of Grizzly Peak and the hills of Cars Land … not bad at all.

View of Disney's California Adventure from the Disneyland Hotel
Morning Yoga View

When I went back in the bedroom Mr. BFT was awake and texting with family members.  I had assumed since they were on “east coast time” they would want to head to breakfast early – not so.  Mr. BFT’s parents were headed to the gym and his sister and family were just waking up and said they weren’t ready for breakfast for another hour or so.  It was around 8:30am, I think, so I proposed to Mr. BFT that we get ready real quick and take all our wedding stuff over to our storage room at the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel before breakfast.  That way we can have a nice relaxing morning with his family before I have to run off for my manicure appointment at 1pm.  Otherwise we may feel really rushed.  So this is what we did!

We were both showered and ready by 9:00am or so.  We gathered all our rubbermaid bins and cardboard boxes and took them down to the ground level, outside the Frontier Tower.  Mr. BFT was going to wait with the stuff while I got my car, then we would load up the car and drive over to the Grand.

Well, to make a long story very, very short – we couldn’t find anyone who knew how to get a key to our storage room, our wedding coordinator had to make some calls and eventually come over to the hotel, then by the time we were granted access to our storage room, we found it was already in use!  Everything got cleared up pretty quickly, but it was still a major headache we wish we didn’t have to deal with the day before our wedding.  At this point I was really wishing we could have spent the extra money to have Disney provide all of our decor!!!!  But I knew this was the compromise for getting my Disney wedding … SIGH!

Once our stuff was safely locked up in storage, we drove back across the street and parked our car and got in touch with all our families.  We all agreed to meet for breakfast at Tangaroa Terrace.  By now it was getting close to 11am and we just made it in time for breakfast.  It was so great to finally see DH’s sister, her hubby, and our niece!

After a relaxing breakfast, we invited everyone to come back to our room.  We have a suite, we might as well show it off and utilize the space!  Seeing our families enjoying the suite and being able to have a comfortable place where everyone could gather made the cost of the upgrade 110% worth it.

I ain’t scared of no depth perception.

After about an hour hanging out in the suite, it was time for my mom and I to head over to the Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa for our manicures.  My mom offered to treat me to a manicure at the spa for the wedding, and how can I turn that down!  The Mandara Spa is really nice and tranquil; I almost fell asleep in the waiting area!  Our manicure started off a bit rocky when they placed my mom and me in separate spaces, with a wall dividing us!  The whole point was to have a chance for just the two of us to have some time together.  We complained, and as soon as a spot was available they moved us next to each other.  My manicure was nice and the quality was good.

low light + iphone camera = womp womp

Once our spa visit was over, we rushed back over to the Disneyland Hotel to get ready for the wedding rehearsal at 3pm!  I went back to the room, changed clothes, refreshed my makeup, and got to rest my eyes for just a bit before we were on the move again.  The nice thing about the suite was we could keep an eye on our wedding venue.  When we saw our party starting to gather, we made our way down to the venue.  Once we got there, pretty much everyone was there including our wedding planner, Laura from Rebel Belle Weddings.  Our Disney coordinator, Traci, was also there and introduced us to our Day-of Coordinator, Julie.  Julie was great; we hit it off right away when somehow the topic of Italian Margaritas from Naples Ristorante came up.  Traci left and after getting introductions out of the way, Julie got the rehearsal started.  We went over the processional order and Julie made notes of the songs we picked for each section.  We discussed how our officiant Rich would come in (from the side, to signal the start of the ceremony).  Then it was time for everyone to go to the beginning of the aisle to practice our entrance!

Disneyland Hotel Wedding Rehearsal

Disneyland Hotel Wedding Rehearsal

Disneyland Hotel Wedding Rehearsal

Everything went pretty smoothly.  I had a little bit of a bridezilla moment when Julie told my dad to take my hand and put it into Mr. BFT’s hand and I was like, no.  I am not property to be given away.  Julie got the message and didn’t bring it up again.

We ran through the processional three times, until we all felt comfortable with everything.  After that, it was time to say goodbye to Julie and Laura until tomorrow morning!  Mr. BFT and I stuck around the gazebo to go over a few things with our videographers and officiant.  Then we all parted ways to get ready in our respective hotels for the Welcome Dinner in a couple hours!

But before we left the area, we realized we had crashers!

Disneyland Kittens
Three little Rose Court Garden kittens!  And, I didn’t look, but my mom said they were there on our wedding day, too.  >^_^<

Check back next week for Day 2, Part 2 – Our Welcome Dinner and my last night as a single lady.  How was I feeling???????  Stay tuned!

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