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Trip Report – Day 1, Part 2 – Settling In

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In case you missed it, I have begun our wedding Trip Report! Part One of our dramatic and stressful Arrival Day is right here.  And now we move on to Part Two.

Day 1 – Thursday, May 17, 2012
Part 2, the part where my day becomes much better

When we left off, we had just decided to splurge for the hotel suite, which means we had to evacuate our fake room.  We had some stuff with us, like Mr. BFT’s computer bag, my dress and other accessories, and my purse. We called my parents who were happily settled into their room in the Fantasy Tower, and they said we could store our stuff there while we went off to our photo shoot.  Once we got to my parent’s room and put all our stuff down, we decided we might have time to run down to Bell Services and see if we can’t pull out fresh shirts from our luggage, so at least we will have clean shirts for our photo shoot. Considering our trouble with Bell Services just a couple hours prior, they were especially chill about taking us back to the storage area and letting us rummage through our stuff. I managed to locate a decent top and nicer shoes than the flip flops I was currently wearing, and I also was able to pull out my makeup bag.  Mr. BFT just wanted a fresh shirt so that was pretty easy. We ran back up to my parent’s room to change and I was able to put on a little bit of makeup (thank goodness for Photoshop!). At some point while we were freshening up, Case Member Tracy called my cell phone and asked where she should bring our new room keys, so I gave her my parent’s room number. Tracy managed to get there really quickly (I suppose because she was already in the Fantasy Tower) so Mr. BFT and I were able to thank her for her hard work in person.  (I also filled out a comment card, expressing my praise for her.  Seriously, as cruddy as our check-in was, it wasn’t her fault.) I stashed the hotel keys in my purse and we were out the door a few minutes before 6pm, which was when we were scheduled to meet up with our photographers inside Disney’s California Adventure.  I sent them a text and said we were going to be about 15 minutes late and they replied that was fine.

On our walk over, Mr. BFT and I had a good talk; I apologized for my meltdown and Mr. BFT again said it was fine – I was allowed one meltdown, haha. He said it all worked out and he was looking forward to relaxing in our suite. And at some point I realized we had both pulled out blue shirts! Not planned at all but it ended up looking nice in the pictures.

We got to the gate in about 10 minutes and once inside the park, we spotted The Roots immediately! After introductions and hugs, we told them we had until 7pm, 7:15 at the latest so let’s get started! I also apologized because I had my little purse (Dooney & Burke Disney crossbody) with my hotel key, sunglasses, phone and wallet, even though their instructions said not to bring purses. But before I could say “I’ll put it in a locker” – Jensey, the female half of our photography team, grabbed it and said “I’ll wear it!” haha – I think maybe she liked it!  The Roots were so great to work with and our shoot was so easy! I kept telling them it was the most fun I’d had the entire day and even though I was super stressed about squeezing this shoot in on this day, I was so happy we did it.

(Our photos for this shoot will be featured in a separate, very long post tomorrow!)

The Roots were very polite and respectful about our deadline and the hour flew by.  We said our goodbyes and confirmed they would be at our Welcome Dinner at 5:45pm the next day, which confused me at first because I couldn’t believe the wedding was possibly here already.
Mr. BFT and I walked back across the street to the Disneyland Hotel and made our way to our suite on the 8th floor of the Frontier Tower.  We were so anxious to see our home for the next few days, and, WOW, it did not disappoint!

(I didn’t think to take pictures of our suite until the last day, so pardon the mess.)

Disneyland Hotel Suite Living Area
Our roomy living area

Disneyland hotel suite bedroom

Disneyland Hotel pool area
We had a great view of the pool area ….

View of Disneyland from the Disneyland Hotel
…. Disneyland (that is Matterhorn right in the center) …

View of the Rose Court Garden from above
…. Our wedding venue (!!!!!) ….

View of Disney's California Adventure from the Disneyland Hotel
… And Disney’s California Adventure!

Talk about a panoramic view!

Almost immediately we called Bell Services to bring up our luggage. We had two racks of stuff and didn’t have our tickets (I had left them in my bigger purse with my mom) but after a little pleading they agreed to bring them up just based on last name.

Then I ran out to the balcony to catch a glimpse of our stuff arriving.

Our Stuff!!!!

We also called our parents to ask if they wanted to come over to see our suite and watch Community with us (we had plenty of room!!!), which they did, and they brought as much of our stuff as they could carry. Bell Services arrived and helped us get everything inside the room. At this point it was right about 8pm so we turned on Community and I did some light unpacking while Mr. BFT and my parents watched. After the show I went back to my parent’s room with my mom and got the rest of our stuff, because Mr. BFT had to answer some work-related emails. We got back to the room in time for the second Community of the evening, so I whipped up some well-deserved margaritas with some mix we brought with us and from 9pm-10pm we all sat and watched Community. Also during that time Mr. BFT was getting updates from his parents and sister – they landed safely at John Wayne airport and were taking the shuttle to the hotel. By 10pm everyone was checked in and settled.  My sister-in-law and family were going straight to bed, but Mr. BFT’s mom sent a text that she was hungry, so I called guest services and found Trader Sam’s served food until 11pm so we agreed to meet Mr. BFT’s parents there. 
It was great to finally see my in-laws and catch up on their mess of a day. They were so relieved to finally be there and so excited for all the wedding events! We had horrible service at Trader Sam’s and it took forever to get Mr. BFT’s mom her flatbread, but at that point, with my horrible day, I wasn’t surprised. She said it was better to get all the negative stuff out of the way today and the rest of the week will be perfect.  (She ended up being mostly right.)
At a little past midnight, Mr. BFT’s dad was starting to fall asleep so we all parted ways.  Mr. BFT and I went back to our room and unpacked everything and finally went to bed an hour or so later. It was a whirlwind day and tomorrow would be just as busy!
Oh! And I’m not sure exactly when, but at some point during the afternoon/evening, Mr. BFT found out that our videographer would be working on FRIDAY which meant he had to miss our rehearsal but would be there for the wedding. So that was great news!
Coming up next: Friday brings a visit to the spa, our wedding rehearsal, the Welcome Dinner, and lots of unexpected pre-wedding jitters! 
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