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Bring the Mall to You with Stitch Fix!

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Collage of woman wearing various clothing styles

Are you familiar with the online shopping service, Stitch Fix? I’ve been using them for years, and now more than ever I’m enjoying getting clothes and accessories delivered to my home so I can skip the big retail stores and stay safe at home.

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Stitch Fix is basically a clothing shopping service sent straight to your door.  You fill out a style profile, and your Stitch Fix stylist chooses five items of clothing and accessories to send you.  It’s not a subscription with a monthly fee – you request your fix whenever you want – so there’s no pressure!

Here’s how Stitch Fix works:

  • Request to sign up and complete your very detailed style profile.
  • Schedule when you want your fix delivered. You’ll be charged a $20 styling fee.
  • Try everything on & decide what you want to keep. If you want to keep anything, the $20 is applied to your purchase total. If you don’t want to buy anything, you are out the $20 (think of it as shipping and handling fees).
  • Send back the items you don’t want to keep in the pre-paid envelope included (USPS) within three days.
  • If you decide to keep everything in your fix, you get a 25% discount!

Like I said, I’ve been a Stitch Fix fan for years now, and I’ve gotten some of my favorite pieces of clothing from them! And it’s stuff I would typically skip over at the mall.

Let me show you what I kept from my most recent fix!

Woman wearing blue polka dot dress and twirling

As soon as I opened the box, I knew this blue polka dot dress was a keeper! My stylist said she chose it because it’s A-line and that’s my favorite style (per my profile). It’s soft and flattering, and could be dressed up or down.

Woman wearing blue polka dot dress and Minnie Mouse ear headband

The light blue polka dots immediately reminded me of my Cinderella ears, so I had to add some Disney style to this look!

Woman wearing green top

Next is this dark green blouse, which at first glance was “no” from me. But when I put it on, I loved it! And when I polled my Instagram following, they told me to keep it. So I did!

Woman wearing coral tank top

The final piece I loved from this fix is this coral tank top. I really wanted some new tank tops as the summer heat sets in (even though I’m not going anywhere … I just needed something fresh in the rotation). This tank is stretchy and flattering for my apple shape, and the coral color is great for summer. Really love it!

Stitch Fix invoice and style cards

Every fix comes with a note from your stylist and style cards, so even if you don’t love something and end up sending it back, you can save the style card for inspiration. And of course, you’ll also receive the invoice which lists the brand and price for each piece, plus any referral credit you have earned.

And if something doesn’t fit perfectly? Stitch Fix makes it easy to swap it for a different size!

Aside from the Stitch Fix delivery, you will also have access to your Stitch Fix shop, a new feature where you can shop through items selected for you based on your style profile and buy them directly! You can even shop different prints or variations of pieces you already own.

Stitch Fix Shop Page Screenshot

Want to give StitchFix a try? Click this link to get $25 off your first fix (and I’ll get some credit for my next fix, too)!

Collage of woman wearing various clothing styles

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