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Real Disneyland Weddings – Brettainy and Kyle

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Above images by Beverly Hills Photography

If you are a fan of Disney weddings, you have no doubt seen these images from Brettainy and Kyle’s amazing and extremely enviable Disneyland castle wedding.  Brettainy had a wedding fit for a princess; the kind of wedding that female Disney fans of all ages usually can only dream about.

Brettainy and Kyle’s wedding has been spotlighted all over the internet as the ultimate Disneyland wedding.  Even though this wedding took place a couple years ago, I am so glad that Brettainy was willing to share with us all a glimpse into what it was like to have this amazing wedding, and she also included some “rare” photos of this wedding taken by her brother!

(Below photos are all from the couple’s personal collection.  Hair and Makeup by Fairytale Hair and Makeup.)

Hello, my name is Brettainy and this is the story of our dream wedding.

On September 23rd 2009, I married my prince Kyle.  Kyle and I met in high school; we are celebrating our 10th year as a couple!  Kyle and I are each other’s first loves, we have grown into adulthood together, and have been together through each other through thick and thin.  In October 2008, Kyle proposed, and of course I said yes!

I have always loved all things Disney, but to this day, I love Disney Princesses above all.  My favorite Princess is Snow White.  She became my favourite when I met her in Disneyland for the first time at age 15.  Many people find my Disney Princess obsession very odd, and often ask me… why?  My answer is simple:  Each represents a spirit of kindness, positivity, thoughtfulness, and strength of character.  Take Snow White for example.  Her story shows the ultimate bravery, and making the best out of a bad situation through positivity and kindness.  

Needless to say, I wanted to live out my Princess fantasy through my wedding.  

Originally, Kyle and I had to planned to have our wedding in the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta.  This was a close to a castle as I thought I could get… but after investigating we found that a Disneyland wedding would cost around the same, and be the ultimate dream.

Now, I was excited to have my wedding anywhere on the Disneyland resort, but it was Kyle who insisted he was only going to get married in Disneyland IF we got married in front of the castle.  And, really, how could I disagree with that?

We had previously had a trip to Disneyland for January 2009, so we called and met with the wonderful Traci Banister at Disneyland Fairy Tale Weddings.  Kyle played hard ball right from the get-go, he refused to see other wedding ceremony and reception sites, and was very clear this wedding was only a go if it was in front of the castle.  Traci was unbelievably accommodating and beyond professional; she wrote down date options for our wedding and sent them to be approved.

We found out several weeks later, our date had been approved!!  September 23, 2009 was the official date, and the wedding planning was set into motion.

My inspiration for the wedding décor was purple, white and gold with crystals and my favourite flowers, roses.  I wanted the décor to look sophisticated and classic with a hint of Disney magic. I told these things to Traci, and she came through with beautiful prototypes. There was nothing I wanted to change; they were exactly as I had imagined.

In July 2009 we went to Disneyland for vacation and to attend our meal tasting.  This was my favourite trip to Disneyland I have ever taken! It was so fun to see the décor in person, and to realize my dream wedding was really coming true!

Photos from Brettainy and Kyle’s planning session and menu tasting, showing the sample floral designs.

Thank you so much, Brettainy, for submitting your photos and story to us!  Congrats on your amazing Princess wedding!
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