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Real Disneyland Engagement – Lynn and Steven

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‘Tis the Season to propose marriage, so it’s Disneyland Engagements Week here at This Fairy Tale Life!  Who doesn’t love a Disneyland proposal (my own Disneyland proposal was pretty great), and we have five VERY different proposal stories to share with you this week!  

Wrapping up Real Disneyland Engagements Week is Lynn and Steven.  Their engagement includes a popular proposal spot and some Photo Pass fun.  What a great way to cap the week!

Take it away, Lynn!

Steven and I began dating June 2007 after meeting online.  I talked about my love of Disneyland and all his first message said was, “What is your favorite ride at Disneyland?”  He liked how Disneyland was an important part of my life as it was in his as well, and I liked how it showed he was reading my information rather than just looking at pictures!  We went to Disneyland for our first Christmas together in 2007 (close to my birthday) and we had the most amazing time.  It was so wonderful to be able to share such a happy place together.

This October, Steven and I had a lot to celebrate!  I graduated with my Master’s in May and was hired by a school district here in Arizona two weeks before school started.  It has been very chaotic and crazy but I do enjoy teaching and have found a great love for it.  We began planning a trip to Disneyland together and this time brought Steven’s brother and his wife, David and Vanessa, with us to share the Disneyland experience.  

On the car ride from Arizona we had explained how the Photo Pass system worked in the park and how we like that option rather than making strangers take pictures for us.  That first morning in the park on Main Street USA, Steven volunteered to get our picture taken by the pumpkin for Halloween.  Something perked my interest because normally I have to coerce him into picture-taking moods.

(all photos by Disneyland Photo Pass Photographers)

As we continue down Main Street, pointing things out to David and Vanessa, Steven volunteers again to take a picture in front of the castle.  …Interesting!  As we stand in line, Steven starts shifting and fidgeting.  When we were first dating, he would adjust his hat when he might have been nervous and… while waiting in line, he adjusted his hat.  As soon as I saw him fidgeting, my heart started picking up pace.  As we walked up to our picture taking spot, Steven stopped me, told me… “Before they take our picture, there is something I want to ask you … Will you marry me?”  He got down on one knee and of course I said yes!

One of the funniest parts is that after the engagement someone comes up to our group.  I turn around and it is my assistant principal from my school back in Arizona.  He asks, “Did that really JUST happen?!”  Yes, Mr. Bayne, it did just happen!  

After getting engaged and walking by City Hall, I went to go see if we could get our “Just Engaged” buttons!  They were out and we settled for a “Happily Ever After Button.” I was happy with it but I felt a little let down. The LAST night of our trip a Cast Member in the perfume shop in New Orleans asked what we were celebrating and we told her we got engaged earlier this trip and how City Hall was out of buttons. She set off hunting in her back room through their button stash … I was holding my breath … No luck! She excitedly and adamantly told us to check another shop I had just bought a scarf in and we rushed back to see and … sure enough THEY had some and proceeded to give us every button we could want that was celebrating something! My deepest thanks goes out to Geri in the perfume shop, you made my last night in Disney SO magical!

We are planning a small wedding here in Tucson, Arizona for June 16th, 2012.  It will be five years since we met and felt perfect for planning.  I’m incorporating green and purple into the wedding in honor of The Princess and the Frog and Tangled

Thank you for letting me share our story!

Thank YOU Lynn and Steven for sharing with us!  And I love some good old fashioned CM pixie dust.  Aren’t they the best?

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