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Real Disney Wedding – Teresa and Greg

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Today we have another beautiful real Disney wedding to share with you!  Teresa and Greg were married in July 2012 at the Swan and Dolphin resort at Walt Disney World in an intimate ceremony, followed by a lunch reception and dessert party.  Their celebration included pretty peacock feathers, Fruity Pebbles, and lots of DIY and personal touches.  Congrats to Teresa and Greg, and thank you for sharing your wedding with us! (And check out Teresa’s Star Wars blog, Fan Girl Next Door!)

(Please note the dollar figures provided were the rates at the time this couple signed their contract, and are subject to change at any time.)

All photography by: Randy Chapman

Fruity Pebbles toss! - Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman}

Disney Bride: Teresa, 27, Texas
Disney Groom: Greg, 29, Texas
Wedding Date: July 1, 2012
Ceremony Venue: Swan and Dolphin Crescent Terrace
Reception Venue: Fulton’s Crab House
Dessert Party Venue: Grand Floridian Hotel Marina
Total budget: $15,000; ended up spending $13,712.57
Guest count: 25

Why did you choose a Disney wedding?
Disney has been the backbone of our relationship. We met at Disney, got engaged at Disney and taken vacations to Disney Parks. We are a Disney couple through and through so it only made sense to get married at Disney.

Purple Heels - Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman}

Peacock and Purple - Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

How did your family/friends react to your Disney wedding?
They were excited and assumed we would get married at Disney. They knew our history and I don’t think they ever expected us to get married back home.

What was your theme?
Our color scheme was the only TRUE theme. Peacock jewel tones of purples, teals and blues. There were hints of Star Wars and Disney throughout.

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

What was your biggest challenge in planning your Disney wedding?
The biggest challenge that I faced was deciding between the Swan and Dolphin Resort as our venue or going with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.  Obviously we decided on the Swan and Dolphin!

Tell us about your ceremony.  Did you include any Disney touches?
The ceremony had more Star Wars touches than Disney. Our handmade DIY programs had a Mickey Mouse head shape in them and my charm bracelet featured Disney charms which were my wedding present from Greg. We did use the theme from Cars for the kids to walk into the ceremony, and my vows were strongly Disney. Star Wars made appearances on our programs, on my bracelet, Greg’s cufflinks, and on pins that went on everyone’s floral.  My clutch purse was also Star Wars themed.

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

Describe your reception.  Was it completely traditional or did you do anything unique?
Our reception was a plated lunch reception with a DJ.  We boldly served crab as an entree which ended up being phenomenal. The music was a mix of Disney and 60s / 70s music. The table signs were DIY coloring book pages from Disney movies. Our seating assignment “game” was all Disney inspired; each person was given a character and they had to figure out what movie the character was from and find that table. Our guest books had Disney quotes in them. Our favors were Disney pin lanyards that I designed and put together. Their boxes, however, had the Star Wars Imperial symbol on them. For the parent dance, I danced with my mom.  We decided NOT do a cake since we were having the dessert party later.

What did you splurge on?  
We splurged on photography, video and our dessert party. We wanted a super awesome menu and found a good way to get everything we wanted. We considered the photo and video to be the most important parts and we still needed the budget to be low for them but those were a priority.

Where did you save money?
We saved money on floral even though I think we got a great deal. Our decor was amazing considering the price. We also saved by doing a lunch plated meal instead of a dinner. Overall we saved by going with Fulton’s for our reception since they offered great price. I also saved money by doing many projects as DIY and using cereal (Fruity Pebbles) for our confetti toss.

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

What was your favorite moment of the day?
My favorite moment of the first part of the day was saying our vows. My second favorite part of the day was seeing the dessert party set-up.  I was blown away!

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

What would you change if you had to do it all over again?
I would not change a thing, actually. I think everything was perfect for us.

What advice would you give to couples that have just started planning their Disney wedding?
I would say to pick the 3-5 most important things to you as a couple and then focus on those. Then make an informed decision on when, where, and how to do your Disney wedding!

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

Walt Disney World Wedding {Randy Chapman Photography}

Budget breakdown
Venue: $1,595
Wedding consultant extra time: $1,095
Food/Drink: $4,047.34
     *Reception: $2,064.14
     *Dessert Party: $1,488.20
Floral: $1,504.53
Other Decor (chairs/linens): $777.30
Officiant: $200
DJ: $700
Favors: DIY $125 for all materials
Photography: $1,757.25
Videography: $2,081.15
Bride’s attire: Not considered part of the budget because all attire was purchased four years prior.
Hair/Makeup: $145
Groom’s attire: Free – The Groom already owned all his wedding attire!

Vendor List
Wedding coordinator:   Diana Stylianou
Photography:   Randy Chapman
Videography:  Stan Severence
Officiant:  Teresa Knox
DJ:  Maria Shafer
Hair/Makeup:  Laine, Alexie and Jacqui
Stationery: DIY assisted by Something Printable and Ever After Printables
Linens: Connie Duglin Linens
Dessert Party: Disney’s Catered Events
Floral: Petals By Design Orlando
Dress Steaming: Carolyn Allen Bridals and Tuxedos

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