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Planning Session Recap

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Last Friday I went to the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings office to meet with our wedding coordinator and discuss the details of our big day! Sadly Mr. BFT was stuck at work but my bestie Marcia stepped in and attended the meeting with me.

We started the planning session by going over details of our ceremony, such as music and decor.  We already have hired a harpist to play at the ceremony, through a referral from a past Disneyland bride.  We looked at a few pictures of possible decor for the gazebo and decided on a small cluster of flowers at the top of the gazebo with crystal beading hanging down like curtains where we will be standing, kind of like this:


Photo by Katie Keller Photography

Then we moved onto reception decor.  I asked if we could have a mix of round tables and rectangular tables.  Our coordinator showed us this picture of rustic tables:

Photo found via Google Images

I love these wood tables and I think they would make the room more interesting!  There is an extra fee for these tables so once we get the budget estimate from Disney, these may have to go.  But I hope we can keep them!

Our florist showed us some fabric swatches.  I fell in love with a coral fabric that was the perfect shade between pink and orange and had a gold shimmer to it.  We chose this for the round tables.

My iPhone picture doesn’t do this fabric justice.

Then I saw this orange and gold crinkly fabric and asked if this could be used on the sweetheart table.

Again, prettier in person.

Moving on to centerpieces, I was so nervous to show our coordinators the pictures of my homemade centerpieces with the fabric flowers, but they were totally into them and thought they were beautiful!  We decided that my homemade centerpieces would go on the rectangle tables and I told our floral designer that I would like some tall centerpieces that look like topiary for the round tables, and provided this inspiration photo:

Photo found via Google Images

The florist pointed out the centerpieces on the wood tables above:

Centerpiece close-up

… which are very nice but I was picturing something a little more natural looking.  The florist said she would think up something nice for me!

I also asked if we could have some floating candles on the tables, like so:

Image found via Google Images

We also agreed to some amber lighting for the room.

This is more of a red, but you get the idea.  (Image found via Google Images)

Next it was time to talk FOOD!  *drooooool*

For our pre-reception we decided on an “array of grilled Mediterranean vegetables and cured smoked meats” display.

We chose a plated lunch, starting with a Caesar salad with tangy lemon dressing and a Parmesan crisp.  For the main course we couldn’t decide between the two chicken options, so our planner said we could try both at our food tasting!  Oh man, we are going to be so stuffed!

For dessert, we are trying two at the tasting but will need to decide on just one.  We are trying the Tahitian Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee and the Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Tart. *double droooool*

Our cake will be three tiers so we can choose up to three flavors for our cake!  We can try four at the tasting, so here are the flavors we came up with:

  1. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
  2. Red Velvet (our planner is going to see if we can get “pink velvet”)
  3. Chocolate cake with a rum soak and raspberries
  4. The fourth combination will be chef’s choice!  We’ll find out what it is when we do our food tasting in several months.

I think it’s going to be difficult to narrow it down to three!

My friend Marcia is vegan, so we asked about vegan options.  Our planner said there are several options but recommended the cauliflower steak.  She said it was amazing and showed us a picture, and I have to say it looked really good!  Our planner said she will have it available at our tasting so we can try it.

I left the planning meeting feeling renewed and re-energized about our wedding!  Our meeting made me even more confident of choosing a Disney wedding.  They are amazing and truly dedicated to making the couple’s dreams come true.

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